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Gender Female
Age 34
Orientation Bi-curious
Country United Kingdom
Region North West
Town Manchester City Centre
Nationality British
Postcode M4

•100% GENUINE PICTURES• Unblurred and more in private
***Bristol/Leeds/London tour dates added***

N.B. I am very selective as i’m certain you are so please be mindful with your initial correspondence. Please ensure you have read the basics at least including dates/location and availability before contacting to avoid being ignored or your call being terminated. Thank you for your co operation.


W/C 15th April

Monday......................1pm-9pm: Manchester City Centre
Tuesday......................1pm-9pm: Manchester City Centre
Wednesday.................1pm-9pm: Manchester City Centre
Thursday....................1pm-5pm- ADVANCE BOOKING ONLY: Manchester City Centre
Friday........................NOT AVAILABLE
Saturday.................….NOT AVAILABLE
Sunday......................NOT AVAILABLE

***AWAY 19th APRIL-6th MAY***

So I have captivated your interest visually, mentally or both?!

Let me introduce my petite self- my name is Amira. I am British born with an exotic twist. Like an open book, turn one page at a time to unravel me…

A Few Words About Me...
I am blessed with an all 'natural' petite figure, slim 24 inch waist which most women envy, raven hair, dark almond shaped eyes, high cheekbones, full kissable lips and curves/dimples in all the right places and angles. May I add I have no cosmetic enhancements neither face nor body. I am a free spirit with a zest for adventure. A sensual muse with a warm and friendly nature, university educated, open minded, elegant and demure appearance and a wildly sexual appetite.

I Like…
I like to make you feel comfortable, relaxed and happy in my company…I like spontaneity, dressing…undressing (in beautiful lingerie), chemistry, positive energy and laughter. I find confidence, honesty, sophistication and intelligence attractive qualities in a man…I'm also a sucker for a man in a suit or just well dressed..

I Dislike...
Pretentious people, arrogance, dishonesty, false promises, ignorance, poor hygiene, price haggling, rough handling, rough sex (unless in the moment)..dislike to rush..

I Enjoy...
I enjoy longer meaningful encounters, building a rapport, intimacy and the “girlfriend experience” with the right amount of naughtiness thrown in..snuggling, affection, cuddles, connection, passion, hands gripping sheets, body shivers, toe curling, back arching, breast swelling, wetness, warmth, cheeks flushing, big "O", convulsions, pressure, tasting…I love a long tease and build up!

I enjoy the finer things in life. My interests include exploring world cultures, sightseeing, hiking, weight training, yoga, music, dancing, cooking, fine dining, relaxing in my own company, spa days, personal growth, learning, sharing experiences, I can honestly not include shopping in here!

I am stable and live a well balanced lifestyle. I’m best described as witty, friendly and compassionate. My health is very important to me and so I never follow the crowd. I am resilient, assertive and content in my own skin.


Look forward to meeting you



DISCLAIMER:Any money paid is for my time and companionship as a self employed adult entertainer. Whatever else that may occur if and when contact is made is the choice between two consenting adults. Any content and/or services listed on this profile are for promotional purpose only.
LEGAL: Any attempt to copy, distribute or publish my images will result in legal action regardless of who you are.
BEHAVIOuR: There is zero tolerance for threats, nuisance and obsessive behaviour. You will find yourself banned and referred to Crime/law authorities if necessary and your personal details may be exposed. I have taken legal action in the past and will not hesitate if you’re found to break harassment and safety related laws.

Due to a high volume of enquiries, I prefer contact via booking form or email. Meeting is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Please fill in the booking form below this page. When emailing please include the following:

• Name
•Telephone number
•City (in the subject heading) and possible date/time of engagement
•Type/length of engagement.


Call me on the number below. If I don't answer, please text me your name and time/duration you want to see me for-I will get back to you ASAP. This booking method is not valid during tours, see tours tab. Please note all calls are screened for security purposes. Phone number is only displayed on my working days. Please email me outside these days and I will reply asap.


Please send me a booking request, followed by a text/email.


• Failure to contact me to cancel a booking you can not attend OR failure to attend a booking more than once will mean you are a no show/time waster and will be blocked and banned from future bookings.

• All advance bookings must be confirmed on the day by 11am.

• If you are unable to call due to work/meetings then please leave text before your meeting. If you are unable to call due to a flight then please call or text before boarding and again as soon as you land.

• Failure to confirm may result in cancellation.


Contact: Your first impression is part of my screening process. Be clear and concise when making contact. Please do not waste my time by dragging on scheduling a booking or participating in Ping-Pong conversations. There is zero tolerance for this. Explicit, vulgar communication or one line emails are all simply ignored by the block button on my phone and my trash folder. I only meet selected clients who communicate in a polite manner and have taken the time to read my profile in full.

•I do not tolerate rude, arrogant or disrespectful clients. If you are one of these, you will be banned from seeing me.

Fee handling: To prevent any awkward moment, please ensure you have the correct fee in an un-sealed envelope to present discreetly within the first 5 minutes of arrival. If we are in public, please present this with a gift card or small gift bag. I may then excuse myself to count the money discreetly.

Personal hygiene: I find men who value cleanliness and hygiene more attractive than a foul smelling good looking one. I am always showered and well groomed so expect the same from you. Please ensure you shower within an hour before our date and have a minty fresh breath for our first kiss. You’re welcome to shower at mine if you wish.

Timekeeping: Call if you’re running late or need to cancel.

Attire requests: I do not offer uniforms (other than office attire) or any dress shorter than knee length. However please feel free to pick something from my gallery or request an alternative (Suspenders, playsuits, slips, corsets, one piece). I will always be dressed in clothes on top of whatever's underneath unless specifically requested.

Toxic substances: I am always level headed, alcohol and drug free and expect the same from you. Falling down drunk or being under the influence of any drug is a bad idea and I will politely ask you to leave if the booking starts off that way. If you wish to bring a bottle of wine then I'm happy to share a glass if last booking of the evening and on dinner bookings or longer.

• I can not stress this enough, I am not into any type of rough sexual activity. If I have to tell you off for going rough more than once, I will terminate our meet and ask you to leave without a refund. I am not everyone's cup of tea so think with your brain and not just your sexual organs before booking.

•Only play for overtime if you can pay for overtime. Don't expect a "quickie"...None of us like to work overtime and not get paid. I am not a clock watcher but if you cross the boundaries I most likely won't see you again.

•Don't try to offer me a free drink/meal/holiday etc. Just because I may have got along with you doesn't mean I want to get personal. Business is business-please respect this.

Gentleman's guide

Communication is vital for sexual satisfaction, hence, rather me telling you I don't like something during our time I have decided to tell you on here to save spoiling the moment for both of us. Too many men want to get down to the main course immediately so assume that like them women want genital stimulation as soon as their clothes are off. You're not in a porno and for me personally, like most women, I like other regions to be aroused before the main one. Feel free to tell email me your likes/dislikes before our date or if there is anything you would like to try from my likes list or perhaps something a little kinkier. No sick role plays or anything involving family or school girls-I find this disturbing and will block you immediately.

•SLOBBERING OVER FACE/EARS/HAIR. Passionate kissing doesn't equate to slobbering. I love kissing (passionately) but drooling your saliva over my chin or licking my face is my biggest turn off. If I wanted a dog, I would go get one! Also my hair takes longer than usual to wash/dry and I do not appreciate washing it daily due to having salvia in it.

•BLOWING TOO HARD IN HER EAR. Admit it, girls love this. Well, there's a difference between being erotic and blowing as if you're trying to extinguish the candles on your 50th birthday cake. That hurts.

•BITING HER NIPPLES Why do men fasten onto a woman's nipples, then clamp down like they're trying to deflate her body via her breasts? Nipples are highly sensitive. They can't stand up to chewing. Lick and suck them gently. Flicking your tongue across them is good. Pretending they're a doggie toy isn't.

•TWIDDLING HER NIPPLES. I find this a real turn off, keep your fingers off them!

•LEAVING HER A LITTLE PRESENT. Condom disposal is the man's responsibility. You wore it, you store it. Leaving a condom on the side with your juices in for me to pick up is embarrassing. Use the bin provided.

•ATTACKING THE CLITORIS. Direct pressure is very unpleasant, so gently rotate your fingers along side of the clitoris. A dry finger hurts and can be unpleasant, use lube or find a rhythm that gets me wet and stick to it. Due to previous bad experience, I do not allow vaginal fingering.

• STOPPING FOR A BREAK. Women, unlike men, don't pick up where they left off. If you stop you will have to keep going to get me back there again.

• UNDRESSING PREMATURELY. Don't begin removing your towel or stripping before she's at least made some move toward getting your stuff off, even if it's just undoing a couple of buttons.

• GOING TOO FAST. Build up slowly, with clean, straight, regular thrusts.

• GOING TOO HARD. If you bash your great triangular hip bones into the thigh or stomach, the pain is equal to two weeks of horseback riding concentrated into a few seconds.

• ASKING IF SHE HAS COME. You really ought to be able to tell. I usually scream or moan loudly depending on the type of orgasm I have.

• PERFORMING ORAL SEX TOO GENTLY. Don't act like a giant cat at a saucer of milk! Get your whole mouth down there, and concentrate on gently rotating or flicking your tongue on the clitoris.

• NUDGING HER HEAD DOWN. Men persist in doing this until she's eyeball-to-penis, hoping that it will lead very swiftly to mouth-to-penis. All women hate this. It's about three steps from being dragged to a cave by their hair. If you want her to use her mouth, use yours; try talking seductively to her.

• MOVING AROUND DURING ORAL ON YOU. Don't move or grab my head. This is a real turn off for most women.

• MAKING HER RIDE ON TOP FOR AGES. Asking her to be on top is fine. Lying there grunting while she does all the hard work is not. Caress her gently, so that she doesn't feel quite so much like the captain of a schooner. And let her have a rest.

Manchester rates


*private apartment, Manchester City Centre. Details are only given once booking is confirmed. Please remain discreet when leaving and entering premises.

1 Hour- £200
2 Hours- £400 (350 for local regulars)
3 Hours- £550
Additional Hours- £150

Outcalls are provided to hotels only (4* minimum) in the following areas within Manchester:

• Manchester City Centre hotels (M1, M2, M4 only)
• Manchester Airport hotels (2 hours minimum plus £40 cab fare)
• Media City/Salford Quays ( 2 hours minimum)
• Private residence-Regulars only unless you have 10+ escort feedback (minimum 3 hours plus cab fare if outside of Manchester)

For all outcall bookings I will require the following:

•Hotel name
•Hotel address
•Room number
•Your surname (for security purposes only)

Dinner dates

These are my favourite type of bookings and ones I find most anticipating. It is a more relaxed affair for us to really get to know each other, converse and entertain before fulfilling mutual desires. Footsie under the table, a discreet hand on my thigh, lingering gazes set up a dessert menu much better than a quick one hour booking. A dinner date is usually 4 hours (2 hours dinner plus 2 hours private time).

*Favourite cuisine: Thai, Indian, Mexican, Lebanese, Tapas, French, Steak/European. I can send you a list of recommendations.

4 hours- £600 (2 hours dinner + 2 hours private time)
3 hour Lunch date- £450 (1.5 hours lunch + 1.5 hours private time)

Rates vary when touring (see tour section).

Overnight snuggles

Overnight bookings are a great way to connect with each other on more than just one level. The choice of the right hotel creates the right ambience for our overnight rendezvous. Rest assured I will arrive looking super stylish and elegant with enthusiasm and a bag full of goodies..

Any overnight booking must start at a reasonable time, include dinner and a reasonable amount of sleep. If you wish to spend the night without leaving the confines of your hotel room, then my fee is by my hourly rate. If you do not wish to pay for consecutive hours then you can simply treat me like a lady and take me out for dinner.

12 hours (starting 7pm onwards) £1500
(£1250 when booked in advance-in Manchester only).

14 hours (starting 6pm onwards) £1750

Travel dates

Life is short and the world is wide! Travel is my main passion and I love to explore different countries and continents.

I rarely visit a place more than once as my travel list is extensive. However, there are few places which have captivated me and I would love to return at some point.

Places I would like to revisit:Italy, Spain, Tokyo, Cuba, Russia, Greek Islands, Argentina, peru (just for the food!)
Places I would like to explore: Finland/Norway, Caribbean, Malaysia, Columbia, Kenya, Indonesia, Oman, Brazil (I am a big doer so aim to accomplish these within the next two years)

Within UK or Flying with regular client from Manchester Airport:

Weekend £3000
Additional days £1000
Full week/Mini vacation POA

If you are based oversees, please refer to below rates.

Fly Me To You:

I am happy to travel outside the UK with ample notice. Simply book a 4 hour dinner date or longer within mainland Europe. For International travel, bookings must be 48 hours minimum.


Dinner date (4 hours) £1000
Evening engagement (6 hours) £1250
Overnight (12 hours)– £1750


Romantic getaway (12 hours day) £1750
Escape + play weekend £3500
Additional days £1000
Mini vacation POA

For all international bookings I will require 25% deposit of the fee (ask for payment method) plus full air fare and a fee of £300 to cover taxi to/from airport along with meal expenses. Flights longer than 2 hours must be business class.

Deposit and travel costs must be shown as fully cleared before the flight is booked.


• Deposits are strictly received then confirm basis.

• Dates for travel bookings are only held once a deposit has been cleared and flights have been booked within 7 days of confirmation.

• Failure to do so will mean my diary shall become available for someone else to book. In which case, your deposit will be held for a maximum 2 weeks should you wish to reschedule at a later date within 6 months. Any later means it is non-refundable.

(Tour rates vary. Please see below)

***For tour bookings £50 deposit will be required via bank transfer to secure a booking. NO DEPOSIT=NO BOOKING unfortunately. It’s best to plan in advance as I will not accommodate last minute bookings nor “squeeze you in”. Thank you***

•Birmingham • 24th-27th March 2024 • City

•Bristol- one off tour • 19th-23rd May 2024 • City Centre

•Leeds- One off tour • 28th-30th May (3 days only) • City Centre

•London • 28th July-1st August 2024 • Holborn

•Glasgow • August 2024 Dates TBC in June • City Centre

IMPORTANT-PLEASE READ: Tour bookings are strictly via booking system only. Please ensure you change the figure in the "proposed fee" section of the booking form to reflect the correct rates as specified below. Failure to do so will mean your booking will be ignored and deleted. Cancellations can not be rearranged. Please book considerately! Attire requests-please note I do not take specific requests for this unless it is something I plan to have with me. You may pick something from my images or specify a colour. Long detailed requests will be ignored especially if it's not something I'm comfortable in wearing. Be reasonable and practical!

Scotland/Birmingham/Bristol rates

1 hour- £220
2 hours-£400
3 hours-£550
Dinner date- £600

(Hotels within a 3mile radius only.)

1 hour- £250*
2 hours- £450*
3 hours- £550*
Dinner date- £600 (4 hours)
Overnight- £1500 (upto 12 hours)

London Rates

1 Hour= £250 for all advance bookings
1 Hour=£300 last minute same day bookings
2 Hours= £500
3 Hours= £700
Dinner date= £800

(minimum 2 hours, central hotels only)

2 hours=£550*
3 hours=£750*
Dinner date=£800 (4 hours)
Additional hour= £200

*Add cab fare for all outcalls.


We all love to indulge occasionally right? Below is a list of my favourite things..through these I reveal a little of my taste and personality. Gifts and gratuity are not expected but are gratefully received. No perfumes or chocolates please.

•Lingerie: Agent Provocateur, Myla, Coco de mer, honey birdette, Bra size: 28e/30dd/32d/c only, pants 4-6/XS/2 (Actual bra size: 26f- yes that's how slim my waist is!)
•Heels: Jimmy choo, Rene Caovilla, size 4 (between 85-110 mm Max in height)
•Vouchers: Harrods, Selfridges, Zara, spas, gymshark, Holland and barrett, sports shops.
•Music: House (deep, tech, latin, soulful/disco), downtempo, Lounge/ambient, Reggae, 90's, hip hop, British Asian, Bollywood.
•Leather goods: Bvlgari, Gucci, Chloe
•Flowers: Lilies, orchid
•Drinks: Whisky: Single malt scotch, Japanese or anything sweet (Glenmorangie, Arran malt, Glenfiddich, Spring bank Campbeltown, talisker, hibiki, nikka from the barrel (fav), Glendalough, Bushmills, Bulleit bourbon). Cocktails: pisco sour, daiquiri, pina colada, cosmopolitan. Liqueurs (something creamy).
•Silk neckerchief/scarves: Hermes, Valentino, Cavalli
•Charities: NSPCC, Macmillan, Manchester "RC"
•Cuisine: Russian, steak, European, thai, Malayasian, Indian, Lebanese, Tapas, South American.

Back soon December 2024….

Big love to all my Aussie clients. Miss you all and hopefully see you in 2024!!

  • Mobile : 447563125915


  • Oral
  • Watersports
  • Toys
  • French Kissing
  • Fetish
  • MMF 3Somes
  • FFM 3Somes
  • Swinging
  • CIM
  • Oral without Protection
  • Massage
  • Deep Throat
  • BDSM (giving)
  • Rimming (receiving)
  • Spanking (giving)
  • Spanking (receiving)
  • Domination (giving)
  • Humiliation (giving)
  • CIM (at discretion)
  • Strap On
  • Prostate Massage
  • Foot Worship
  • Face Sitting
  • Tie & Tease
  • Snowballing
  • Anal Play
  • Penetration (Protected)
  • Cross Dressing
  • Travel Companion
  • Dinner Dates
  • Food Sex/Sploshing
  • Disabled Clients
  • Hand Relief

I meet with

  • Male
  • Female

Incall rates

Duration Cost
1 Hour £200
2 Hours £400
3 Hours £550
4 Hours £600

Outcall rates

Duration Cost
1 Hour £250
2 Hours £450
3 Hours £550
4 Hours £600
Overnight £1500


Q : When are you available?

A : I'm usually available Mon-Thurs 2pm-9pm, Fridays and Sundays flexible from 2pm onwards. Tour hours vary from 1pm-10pm. Advance booking is always recommended as I am not always free for last minute meets.

Q : Where are you based?

A : Centrally located discreet apartment with free parking.

Q : 15/30 mins bookings?

A : No! This will put me off seeing you and will result in you being blocked so please don't bother asking.

Q : Witheld numbers and sms

A : Will be ignored. Regulars may text-please ensure texts are concise and booking related.

Q : Do you offer bareback for extra?

A : No balloon=no party. Anyone who tries to negotiate this will be blacklisted.

Q : Discretion, health and safety

A : Everything you do doesn’t need to be seen or heard. Client discretion is always upheld and all personal information is kept confidential. In life, there are more important things than just money such as my safety and well being. All clients are screened to evaluate their legitimacy. I am tested every 4-8 weeks to ensure not only my own health but that of my clients too.

Q : Why are you stand off-ish?

A : Due to a high volume of time wasters and prank callers I prefer to take a direct and more formal approach to arranging bookings. Rest assured I am genuinely super friendly in person.

Q : Can I have a discount? Why are you so expensive?

A : Simple answer=No. Some things in life are not a commodity and are worth a premium. My fees are based on demand, market value and ex agencies I have worked for. Book a girl within your means and budget. Please do not offend me by asking as you will be instantly blocked.

Q : Can I bring you a gift?

A : Gifts are never expected but gratefully received. Please see my indulgences list for ideas. No wine, chocolates or sweet treats please.

Q : Personal hygiene

A : Cleanliness and hygiene will ensure mutual enjoyment. Please ensure you shower within an hour before meeting and have a minty fresh breath for our first kiss. Shower facilities are always available for incalls.

Q : What type of clients won't you see?

A : Black clients, hagglers, and clients who are pushy, disrespectful and do not value my time.

Q : Dress requests?

A : I do not take requests for uniforms, however I have a phenomenal wardrobe from elegant dresses to provocative lingerie from and off my gallery photos. Requests can only be made once a booking is confirmed.


Q : What is your starsign?

A : Aquarius Jan 20 - Feb 18

Q : What is your Primary Language?

A : English

Q : What is your favourite colour?

A : Emerald green or rose gold

Q : What is your best feature?

A : Body

Q : What three words best describe your personality?

A : Resilient, compassionate, assertive

Q : What is your favourite food?

A : Meat- chicken, venison (favourite), steak

Q : What is your favourite drink?

A : White wine, single malt whisky, cocktails

Q : What are your favourite flowers?

A : Lilies, orchid

Q : What is your favourite gift?

A : AP lingerie, neckerchief, shoes and more shoes!!

Q : What is your ethnicity?

A : Indian

Q : What is the colour of your eyes?

A : Brown

Q : What is the colour of your hair?

A : Black

Q : What length is your hair?

A : Medium

Q : How would you describe your body type?

A : Athletic

Q : How tall are you?

A : 5'2"

Q : How much do you weigh?

A : 7st

Q : What is your leg measurement?

A : 28"

Q : What is your shoe size?

A : 4

Q : What is your dress size?

A : 6

Q : What size is your chest?

A : 28"

Q : What is your waist measurement?

A : 24"

Q : What is your hips measurement?

A : 34"

Q : What is your bra cup-size?

A : E

Q : How would you describe the size of your breasts?

A : Large

Q : Are your breasts natural or enhanced?

A : Natural

Q : How is your pubic hair fashioned?

A : Shaved Completely

Q : Do you smoke?

A : No

Q : Do you have any tattoos or piercings?

A : Neither

Q : If you have tattoos or piercings, how discreet are they

A : None

Q : What times are you always available?

A : most days/evenings

Q : Will you do overnight bookings?

A : Yes

Q : List of Towns/Areas you will visit

A : Manchester City Centre based. Tours to London/Scotland/Birmingham. Sydney based from August 2020 indefinitely.

Q : How long are you prepared to travel for?

A : NA

Q : Where would you most like to have sex?

A : In a public lift!

Q : What is your favourite sexual position?

A : depends on size, speed bump or cowgirl

Q : What is your second favourite sexual position?

A : missionary

Q : What is your biggest turn on?

A : Deep French Kissing and a man who knows how to touch in the NOT so obvious parts!

Q : The most sensitive part of my anatomy is?

A : sacrum,nape, pubic mound,back of thighs,cervix..

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