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Gender Female
Orientation Bi-sexual
Country United Kingdom
Nationality British

...................... I am only here to scam porn addicted LOSERS like yourself!!!!!!!!!! ♛ This isn't an act, this is a HARDCORE lifestyle female supremacy and not a silly little fetish. ♛ I am your karma. ♛ You better pray your wife/girlfriend doesn't leave you because of me. ♛ Women that hate males to the extent that I do are incredibly rare, I am a real life misandrist, not just a “Domme”. ♛ I do not offer any "aftercare" and I don’t bother with "safe words", I seriously do not give a shit about your wellbeing, I honestly want you to suffer. I see you as sub-human. So get that through your thick skull. ♛ Don't call me expecting some fun little show, I will literally VIOLATE you, or I might even IGNORE you, just depending on how I feel. ♛ I don't need your money, I just like to waste it. You can go broke and starve for me. ♛ I think paying for sexual services is incredibly pathetic no matter how you want to justify it to yourself. ♛ Males that pay for interaction and sexual services should feel HUMILIATED just by doing so, you really are at the bottom of the social food chain. ♛ I have a personal vendetta against “SISSYS”. I think they’re the most vile category of male. ♛ How can you call yourself a "Sugar Daddy" when you have a lower net worth and annual income than ME? You're a PAYPIG at best. ...................... You will leave here feeling ASHAMED, as you should!!!!! ♛ I have a genuine hatred for the males that use this site. A victim to your own desires and a slave to your disgusting sexual urges. Spending money that you don’t have for a crumb of interaction from beautiful women like myself, who otherwise wouldn’t look in your direction. ♛ You are all broke porn addicts that barely even make £50K a year and you spend a large portion of that on sexual services. How is that not EMBARRASSING? ♚ Always remember: none of the women on here would look in your direction if you weren't paying them and you couldn't imagine the stuff that they say behind your backs, I on the other hand will say it to your face with NO LIMITS. I don’t care how you feel in the slightest, I’m literally just here for my own amusement. I will BREAK you down. ♚ I am young, beautiful, wealthy, intelligent, and untouchable. You are the opposite of me in every way possible. ......................It shouldn’t need to be said, but some of you are very fucking stupid: I won’t do what you tell me to!!!!!!! ALSO... I love it when you porn addicted wankers send me hate mail. I literally piss myself laughing with my boyfriend and sometimes even share it to my 100k instagram followers. All I hear when I read it is "wah wahhh no pussy for me unless I pay wah wahhhhh please notice me and give me attention wahhh wahhhhh" you're a grown fucking man get a grip of yourself, no wonder you have to pay for women to tolerate your defective personality and deformed body. You're angry and bothered and I'm happy about it. You can stay mad about the fact that other men pay me for fuck all. Only contact me if you can handle not getting what you WANT but what you DESERVE. ................................... FEMALE SUPREMACY !!!!!

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