Mr Masterful 4 Spank

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FREE Spanked bottoms for naughty women! Been a naughty girl, overspent on your Credit Card, flirting, or simply feel you deserve a spanked bottom? Bring a friend along to witness your discomfort or a fun challenge to see who can be outspanked?!

Gender Male
Age 58
Orientation Bi-curious
Country United Kingdom
Region East Midlands
Town Leicester
Postcode LE19

A real MAN that will take you over his knee, and with one strong hand hold your wriggling body secure whilst the other flips up your skirt/dress and tugs your panties down to your trembling knees and then....... the spanking starts.

Perhaps your husband/boyfriend/girlfriend thinks you deserve it - why not 'order' one to show how much you care for your partner??? Imagine his face as he sees your bottom turning crimson for crimes he could not punish you for, but one you need punishing for?

Smooth, petite feminine CD's and tight/stocking wearers welcome to take a trip over a stong man's lap too! CUCKOLD's welcomed as well as I deal with your naughty woman!

Ever experienced this, or only in your dreams?

Well I would like to invite you to turn your dreams into reality.

Do you feel you have missed out on what you sometimes deserve? Have you fantasised 'if only my man would be a real man'? Well, Mr Masterful CAN HELP!

Educated gentleman will take you in hand, and introduce you to such activities. Very discrete and expects the same in return. All ages and aspects honestly understaken with limits, humour and above all safety, respected and acknowledged. No lasting marks, in fact anything from a gently spanked pink blush to a well and accurately caned bottom all catered for.

Kisses and cuddles optional afterwards complete with aftercare too should you wish, OR a simple dismissal homewards, with a warm bottom as a reminder for the rest of the evening - what would THAT feel like watching TV later with your bottom still tingling and warm???

OR .....

perhaps a spell in the corner, with knickers around your ankles, letting the cool air cool those cheeks, thinking about HOW naughty you have been and WHY you have been punished - will you do it again????!

Roleplay actively encouraged; have you overspent with your Credit Card? Have you been having an affair? Have you been steeling from your employer? Have you been doing something else that requires punishment and a one off spanking?

Any quetions answered - go on, you know you want to ask!!

Have you REALLY been THAT naughty?

Drop me a line with any questions/concerns that you may have and I will reply with honest and straight forward answers.

I look forward with dealing with those naughty ladies who just KNOW they should be spanked.

CUCKOLD's welcomed as well as smooth, petite feminine CD's and tight/stocking wearers!
Do you need some extra CASH? I will consider all applications to receive a spanking in exchange for cash!! Reddened bottoms you will leave with along with cash!! Submit your details and i will get back to you. All ages, all reasons considered!!


  • Oral
  • BDSM
  • Spanking
  • Uniforms
  • Domination
  • Massage
  • Humiliation
  • BDSM (giving)
  • Spanking (giving)
  • Domination (giving)
  • Humiliation (giving)
  • Receiving Oral
  • Role Play & Fantasy
  • Tie & Tease
  • Hand Relief

I meet with

  • Male
  • Female
  • Couple MF
  • Couple MM

Incall rates

Duration Cost

Outcall rates

Duration Cost
½ Hour 25 GBP
1 Hour 25 GBP


Q : Do I have to have to bare my bottom?

A : No - sometimes a well encased bottom in a pair of jeans, or a light summer dress can actually enhance the spanking. It is totally up to you.

Q : What is OTK?

A : Over The Knee - this is the most common of spanking positions and one that usually renders the victim completely helpless. Some spankees prefer to be lying across the arm of a sofa, or bent over the back of a chair or even over the kitchen work surface - whichever way you feel comfortable is normally the best way to choose.

Q : Can I be playfully spanked and then 'perhaps' see if I like it a bit harder?

A : Yes, of course. Most women actually like this way of an introduction in a safe, consensual manner to establish how they all react. Some will want to be spanked harder, some to try different instruments such as a ruler, slipper, paddle and of course the belt. It is all about agreeing limits and boundaries and TRUST.

Q : Can you film my spanking for my boyfriend to watch back?

A : Yes certainly; you would have to bring your own video camera along and only one copy would be made. You can take that memory away with you as you please. Still shots can also be arranged to be taken during a session by a girl friend, with notice being provided should you require too!

Q : What is meant by aftercare?

A : After a spanking, an application of cooling moisturiser can lessen the effect of possible bruising say after the cane, and also help with any other post punishment feelings that you may have, both erotic if that's the way it has affected you or emotional - some like to cry and let go for a bit, as it helps with the feeling of being truly punished for what they have done.

Q : Will you apply a punishment spanking?

A : Yes. I would have to meet first and agree exactly what your requirments are. Normally these will be executed with you totally stripped and strapped across my punishment horse, for the full duration of the punishment, after which you are allowed to dress and leave. Most times none other than the number of strokes are spoken between us - this is a real punishment scene and NOT for the faint hearted nor the inexperineced. I am quite happy to discuss further with genuine enquirers.

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