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Xmas specials on massage xxx Squirting mistress !new number! Come be tantalised, teased, tantalised, Strapon! Sensory plays! Strapon!*domination** pegging!

Gender Female
Age 37
Orientation Bi-sexual
Country United Kingdom
Region North West
Town manchester
Nationality British
Postcode m20

Hi I'm mistress to all you subs out there , covering all aspects of domination.i work along side a well known mistress also on the site. we offer incall. I ENJOY LOTS OF ACTIVITY S STRAPON,WATER ,SPORTS ,CANNING,* FLOGGINGS **,TRAMPLING ,TIE And TEASE,FACE SITTING ,FARTING FETTISH,SISSY SERVICES. , welcome to My world. I am Mistress Phenix I am beautiful, tall and powerful, and I exercise complete dominance over males that I encounter. I am a female supremacist, and I enjoy the power I wield over the male species. I revel in collecting and breaking men and adding them to the everthrowing stable of devoted slaves at My feet... Mistress Phenix - remember that Slave - I am not babe and I am not hun, from this point on you will bow your head and refer to Me as Mistress at all times, and if you are alone, you will get on to your knees when you do so. I am a true Amazonian goddess - standing well over 6 feet in heels with a fit, toned and powerful physique - I will tower over your cowering pathetic body when you are before me. Your knees will crumble and you will fall to the floor before me through the sheer overwhelming power of my presence... or perhaps I will beat you until you are cowering and afraid at my feet… I am more than capable of overpowering any foolish subs that need to learn their place. We both know that the only way a pathetic male like you gets to be around a woman like Me is by accepting your inferiority and serving Me, joining the ranks of men broken and enslaved at My feet, becoming one of the slaves I own and control, someone who realizes that their greatest achievement is to worship and obey their superior, their Natural Ruler, their all powerful Goddess. So… are you ready to join my stable of slaves… look at My picture, look at me lounging back and accept your place, accept your slavery. Look at My picture and say "Yes Mistress Phenix, i wish to be Your slave!" So, how could you serve me... Below you will find a selection of areas which I enjoy, and for which I am always looking for new subs to play with, new toys to fulfill my sadistic needs… ACTIVITIES BODY WORSHIP - Only if I deem you worthy will your pathetic tongue be allowed to worship my toned body - you will be trained to be my personal sex toy... or perhaps you'll simply end up becoming my asslicking slave... ANAL PLAY - Strapon is my speciality, assume the position and prepare to become my property as I take you like the bitch you are... CBT - I love torturing cocks, your manhood will become another source of my power over you!!! You will come to crave and fear my touch FACE SITTING - Lay down, and provide a seat for your goddess... I hope you can hold your breath, I do not expect to be disturbed when relaxing... FACE SLAPPING - You are my slave, whether to correct a mistake on your part when serving me, or simply for my own pleasure... your cheeks will redden with the shame of your failure as well as from the sting of my hand... which you will kiss and thank afterwards! FART FETISH - On your knees kissing and worshiping my arse, I will fart straight into your pathetic face FINDOM - As a walking wallet you will at least be of use. Get on your hands and knees and offer your cash to me in your unworthy mouth... I'll rinse you and spend everything you have without even thinking about it. You will exist solely to fund my lifestyle along with all the other piggies in my findom sty. FLOGGING - Prepare yourself, I wield a powerful whip and your back will become the canvas for my art... I am a true sadist, so be ready, you're going to become my pain slut. HUMILIATION - I will make you perform tasks that humiliate you to the core, to show my power and your total slavery, or perhaps simply for my amusement... either way, you WILL obey, even when you find yourself on all fours licking my toilet clean HUMAN FURNITURE - footstool, table or chair, adopt the position and stay there - you are merely my property and I expect you to act as such KEY HOLDING - I own you, I own your cock, and from now on, your entire existence will revolve around ME, and the keys I wear around my ankle... RIMMING - Get on your knees and show your Owner that you know your true place. I will train you to please me properly with your mouth and tongue as you show worship my arsehole, and you will swallow everything you find there, and thank me for it, SLAVE!!! ROLEPLAY - I am the Boss, the blackmailing secretary, The Evil Teacher, Headmistress, the Haughty unobtainable woman, or perhaps I'm the school bully that has you in her sights... is going to turn you into her bitch. I love roleplay and can transport you to another world... SENSATION PLAY - I will take you to the heights of exquisite agony and desire... and you will beg me to allow you release - feathers, ice, hot wax, pinwheels, whips and nettle torture, let me take your body to another place SENSORY DEPRIVATION - Hoods, Gags, Blind Folds, rope torture, body binding SISSIFICATION & FEMINIZATION- Underwear, make-up, transformation guidance, dressing services - become my sissy, bitch, whore or maid SMOKING FETISH - I'll be smoking in more ways than one!!! I'll blow smoke in your face as you watch so closely... as that little white stick is sucked on by my perfect lips... Perhaps I'll even make you serve as my ashtray while I enjoy my cigarett... Or perhaps I'll MAKE you to smoke for my amusement. SPANKING & CANING- After you've been over MY knee, you won't be able to sit for a week ;-) SPITTING - You are nothing to me and you will accept this humiliation to show you know your place - I'll spit on you and in you, I'll MAKE you to open your mouth and drink my spit, you'll lick the spit from the bottom of my boots... by the time we've finished, your submission to me will be complete!!! SUBMISSION & TRANSFORMATION - From the moment you contact me, your transformation into total slavery will grow. Let's be honest, you've read this far, you can't stop looking at my pictures - your transformation and submission to me has already begun, S-L-A-V-E... I have already begun toying with your mind!!! TIE & TEASE - I will drive you to the edge of madness with desire for my perfection but you just.... can't.... touch... no matter how hard you try, or how fervently you beg me... your begging simply reflect and increases the power I have over you... and it really gets me really wet... TORTURE - I am a true sadist, and whether it's true pain, or mental agony treating men like this is something that I adore!!! Restraints, bondage ropes, whips, paddles, nipple clamps... and you will take it all, and crawl to my feet to thank me at the end, bitch! TRAMPLING - stamping you into oblivion, or just using you as a carpet as I walk over you in my DEADLY high heels!!! Either way, your will accept your place below my feet WATER SPORTS - the ultimate submission, show Me that you realise that you're not even worthy to be pissed on by Me, , and you can clean any drops that you spill from the floor at my feet and from my boots as I stand over you my worthless broken slave. . ___________________________________________________ SERVICE SLAVE VACANCIES MAID required - 3 hrs a week I charge u to be my maid for 3 hours! Duties to include hoovering, dusting, mopping... ONLY apply if your cleaning abilities are to a high standard - Mistress will be checking with her white gloves afterwards. Maids outfits and stockings provided if needed. If your cleaning meets Mistress's approval you may be allowed to relieve yourself at her feet before you leave... dependant on service provided ;-). Of course, as a maid, you would also have to clean up the mess!!! ______________________________________________________________ i can conduct double dom sessions... we have worked together for the last five years and work extremely well together! We adore torturing and humiliating our slaves, and we are also able to involve other subs from our extensive stables, either renting out our slaves or for cock sucking! Anything is possible with myself and Mistress Rebecca, our power over slaves at our feet is absolute!!! We also offer a three hour caging session during the day for the small price of £150.. taunted and laughed at. watching us play with other slaves, used as a toilet, or just simply left... depending on our mood. And now... you've read this far, your cock is already betraying the weakness of your gender as you've started to submit to My, so put down your pathetic worm and contact Me immediately SLAVE!!! It is time you made yourself of some use and began to submit to Me directly...


  • Oral
  • BDSM
  • Voyeurism
  • Watersports
  • Spanking
  • Exhibitionism
  • Toys
  • Uniforms
  • Fetish
  • Depilation
  • Parties
  • Sub games
  • Domination
  • Massage
  • Being Filmed
  • Humiliation
  • Rimming
  • BDSM (giving)
  • Rimming (receiving)
  • Spanking (giving)
  • Domination (giving)
  • Humiliation (giving)
  • Receiving Oral
  • Strap On
  • Prostate Massage
  • Foot Worship
  • Modeling
  • Pole Dancing
  • Female Ejaculation
  • Role Play & Fantasy
  • Sauna / Bath Houses
  • Tantric
  • Tie & Tease
  • Anal Play
  • Cross Dressing
  • Travel Companion
  • Dinner Dates
  • Food Sex/Sploshing
  • Smoking (Fetish)
  • Disabled Clients
  • Enema
  • Hand Relief

I meet with

  • Male
  • Female
  • Couple MM
  • Couple FF

Incall rates

Duration Cost
½ Hour £80
1 Hour £120
¾ Hour £140

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