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be respectful and your dreams can come true, No negativity will be stood for on my profile.

Gender Female
Age 26
Orientation Bi-sexual
Country United Kingdom
Region Scotland
Town Kilmarnock
Nationality British
Postcode KA1

I will reply to everyone as soon as i can .. PEACE AND LOVE. ANYONE MESSING AROUND OR WASTING TIME WILL BE ASKED TO PAY A DEPOSIT IF THEY WOULD LIKE A CHANCE TO BOOK AGAIN. Please make sure to text me instead of calling, i also will not answer private/withheld numbers or numbers that i dont know Please remember when booking your booking my time and only my time, whatever we do in that time is between the two of us as consenting adults but the price remains the same, whether you want the full works or not. Deposits are non refundable, and if you happen to cancel without at least 48 hours notice you will lose your deposit. If you have made a booking, please contact me on the morning of that booking to confirm, not an hour before or when youve already drove to me.. my phone has been on the blink so ive been checking emails every morning and then again in the afternoon. Sorry i am not able to read minds. Come and tell me what you wanna do as we explore together.. Please do not contact if you have covid symptoms. Otherwise feel free to come along anytime Im very fun and outgoing and will always make you feel at ease and comfortable, nerves are completely normal especially if its something youve not done before, i love to have a chat and know all about what you like and dont like whether thats in the bedroom or just your general hobbies or interests, i always welcome you to chat and get to know you, anything that happens in the time youve booked is between the two of us and will not be shared, i value you my clients wishes and will always respect them. Recently ive had people who continuely disrespect me and assume that they can do or say whatever they want and that will be alright, it is definitely not okay, it is down to me who i choose to see or not you cannot make me see you or make me do anything i am unwilling to do, if you dont take no for an answer you will be blocked immediately. Please stop asking if I have offers on, if I have deals on they will be stated on my profile, it's very insulting and embarrassing to be constantly asked to drop my prices which are normal for the services you are receiving. If it's your first time booking then please don't ask for a car meet, It will be either an incall or an outcall to another address or hotel. This is for safety reasons. I don't accept clothing requests, I will always be dressed appropriately. Always happy to agree to sugar daddy/sugar baby arrangement, though if you are expecting my time everyday sending you things and video chatting I will always take payments upfront, I have had far too many people expect everything free when the agreement is for me to be paid, I am still in business This is a part of my life, a part that not only is for income purposes but a part of my life that I absolutely love doing,my life as an escort means a lot to me, I am one of the most down to earth and easy going people that you will meet in your lifetime, I aim only to please my clients and can only continue doing so with the support of all of you, in particular my regular clients who understand me and what I'm about. I would like to clear something up though, when my green light is on that means that I am available that day so you are able to message me and we can arrange a time that suits us both, I am always respectful to my clients and expect nothing less in return, manners don't cost anything and can also really make a massive difference to your entire experience with me. Discretion is a must for all clients as well as myself, I understand that a fair amount of you have wifes,girlfriends,fiancees and kids at home and are visiting for a great exciting new&thrilling experience, I will always be respectful of this and ask that you are the same, anything that happens between the two of us stays between the two of us only. The relationship that we share is and will always remain a business relationship, and as with any business that offers any form of service which come with set fees, the fees stated are non negotiable. Anyone haggling with these amounts will be blocked&removed unless there has been a reduced amount stated elsewhere with the dates of when reductions apply. Unknown /No Caller Id or Private numbers will not be answered unless otherwise arranged through email prior to the call, if you wish to call me please send a text message with your username and what your call is regarding,if you have done both and do not receive an answer I am not being ignorant and I will get back to you as soon as I can,if you are messaging in regards to a booking please specify the time you would like to book,whether it's an incall or outcall and the duration of the booking you would like. In regards to outcalls, I will not offer outcalls without the deposit, I have learned this the hard way. Also full address must be given when booking is made and deposit paid.Outcall rates stated below incall rates don't include travel fees, travel fees will be added on top of the outcall fee stated on the profile. For instance one hour would be £200+ Travel costs differ depending on the area I'm travelling to so please keep this in mind when booking, I will be offering outcalls specifically for regular clients although understand in some cases an incall may not be possible and am more than happy to arrange something with you, I do require notice of outcall bookings but can occasionally offer short notice appointments if the appointment is under one hour in length,i do also offer overnight bookings and would require sufficient notice prior to any overnight appointment, overnight appointments are outcall bookings only as incalls are not available for entire nights due to personal circumstances. Deposits/Part Payment will be required upon making a booking for overnight or outcall. This will be £30 deposit, unless the booking is an overnight booking or longer than 1 or 2 hours then the deposit will be upto £150 upfront for overnights and 10% of the booking fee I will not discuss other clients with anyone other than that client and expect this to be the same for all clients or potential clients,i also expect good hygiene and for you to have showered prior to any incall booking. I am more than happy to shower with you if the booking takes place at a hotel or your home. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to send me an email and I will be sure to get back to you as soon as I can. I cannot wait to share your experience with you and for you to pleasure and explore every part of me as well as for your to learn some new things or just enjoy a nice relaxing massage with my very soft hands and oral skills out of this world,and a very big appetite for lots of amazing orgasms..


Q : do you do bareback

A : no i dont and anyone asking with be removed

Q : do you offer anal

A : no i have never offered this and never will

Q : do you accept gifts

A : yes im more than happy to provide my wishlists

Q : is it only you in the house when i come to booking

A : yes i always work alone

Q : will you ever consider bareback

A : NO you will be blocked

Q : do you have lots of outfits and can i choose

A : i will always dressed presentably, i do not allow clothing requests but do always take clients thoughts into consideration

Q : will you accept lower price?

A : my rates are set, the only time i will lower rate is during deals other than that i will not accept lower

Q : How far will you travel

A : I will travel upto 1 hour away.

Q : Do I have to pay deposit for outcall

A : Yes I'm afraid so. This secures the booking and means no time is wasted from either side. Far too many people wanting outcalls and then either not replying when I'm on the way or just not letting me know you won't be there.

Q : Can I leave a tip

A : Yes of course, tips are greatly appreciated.

Q : Are you the person in photos

A : Yes of course, I am a fully verified member.

Q : Can I see a face picture?

A : Yes you can view my face pictures in my private gallery. And they are of true representation.

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