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Gender Female
Age 48
Orientation Bi-curious
Country United Kingdom
Region North West
Town Liverpool Merseyside
Nationality British
Postcode L4

Hi guys I’m Lara – a hot & horny MILF who loves to take the lead in the bedroom!
While visiting Liverpool, you may not want to book a hotel for the night and would rather instead stay at my beautiful apartment, or visit me for a session.

With my 6 years + of experience i bring you simply the BEST Liverpopl incall service

What is an incall?

In a world of everchanging lives and tightly packed schedules, it is often difficult to find an arrangement that works around your schedule and time. This is exactly what the biggest benefit of an Incall is. Simply put, an Incall meeting is where, instead of me travelling to you aka an outcall, you travel to me and meet me in my apartment.This can remove a lot of the timesinks and worries that come with planning a night in a restaurant or cleaning your own apartment before and after i vist you and providing travel for me to arrive at your home/hotel.

Normally, the lack of extra expenses such as travel costs and outings means that incalls are traditionally the best option for gentlemen who are simply visiting for a day or so and wish to see a companion before they leave the Lovely Liverpool. I have places available which are suited to taking visitors, whether that be my personal apartment or one i rent out specifically for visits, you will find them all comfortable should you choose to make a booking woth me.

Why should you consider booking an incall from Lara?
My apartment or apartments i book for sessions are immaculately clean and very DISCREET as it is my home or a rental. I have all the facilities available for taking care of you and making you feel amazing,

With me you can be sure that your satisfaction is my number one priority so when you book you should be ready for a wonderful time in my lavish apartment. You can expect the apartment to be filled with a lot of personality, which will also let you feel closer to me. When we spend an evening together

The BEST Outcall service in Liverpool.

If you are located in Liverpool or surrounding areas you’ll be happy to know i will be able to come and see you, and you can have me out to see you within the hour. ubers are required

Due to MY 6 years + of experience, you can be sure that any booking you make with me will be one to remember.

What do i mean by an “outcall?

An outcall booking is a type of booking where I will be travelling to meet you regardless of where you maybe located as long as my ubers are covered ensuring my safety this lets you be fully comfortable with any booking you make as you will be the one to pick the perfect location for your evening of pleasure, and i will be able to accommodate this wish.

An outcall booking is ideal for gentlemen or MF couples who are booking a hotel stay or maybe your home alone and require my sexy services i am open to most dating experiences

You can have a day or evening date

i will be able to come straight to your home or hotel, and you have your dream date right there with you within the hour 🫶

Ubers are required to and from your home/hotel for outcalls this is why my rates are set the same uber ensures the booking is genuine and guarantees my safety to and from your home/hotel


If you’re a couple who are thinking about having a threesome and are wondering where to find your third, the answer is really easy: pay for a professional.

You’re a nice, attractive couple, so they should be lining up. You’ve seen thousands of ads on the internet, so why should you have to? blah, blah, blah.

I could suggest some places where you can waste your time and wade through thousands of dick pics, fantasists, and time-wasters before you eventually give up and realise I was right in the first place.

Professionals know what they’re doing.
Book a one hour session with me at a reduced rate, and there’s no awkward ‘getting to know you’ stage.
Everyone knows what they want and how they want it. Perfect.

Plus, I am experienced and will probably be able to teach you both a thing or two.

Pros: There’s no time-wasting. You can be rest assured, and there will be more going on during our session (especially if you’re looking for a woman who is bi sexual. it is an additional 100 per hour to my current fee
Do not miss out, guys


If you're over 65, sex certainly isn't off the cards. Sex is a wonderful way to stay physically and mentally healthy later in life, and age is no barrier to enjoying a fulfilling sex life.

Being close and physically tender with another person can have health benefits for everyone, but it could be especially important for older adults because they are vulnerable to isolation and loneliness

Older adults who are not satisfied with their sex lives often say that health conditions, loss of desire, pain, fatigue, and concerns about how they look are some of the reasons why they're not having sex as often as they would like to.

Increased happiness:
A study found that sexual satisfaction in males was linked to greater life enjoyment.
For females, the emotional intimacy of sex was linked to higher lifestyle enjoyment

Improved health:
A study found that a higher frequency of sex in older adults was linked to lower rates of cancer, coronary heart disease, and other chronic illnesses. While the study does not suggest that having more sex will prevent disease, it did show an association between sexual activity and health in older people.

Better brain function:
A study found a direct link between higher sex frequency and higher levels of cognitive function in older adults. Cognitive functions include memory, flexible thinking, self-control, verbal fluency, and visual-spatial processing.

The absence of either intimacy or intercourse tends to reduce feelings of well-being for both males and females.

Being upset about changes in sexual function as you get older is normal, but it can put a strain on your relationship. It's important that you don't avoid or ignore these feelings.

Being single and not having sex is also fine, as long as it makes you happy. Not having sex does not mean that you are at greater risk of poor health. What matters is that you’re taking care of your physical and mental well-being
Lara 💋

What massage styles do I offer

I specialise in a variety of massage styles and I am fully trained in tantric and erotic massage, so you can be sure that you’re experiencing the real deal book today and experience what I have to offer all my massages are FREE and are a very sensual.way to start my sessions

A sensual massage where the masseuse uses her body to massage the client. Using hot massage oil as a lubricant, the masseuse will use a mixture of slides and strokes to push the tension out of you. You are guaranteed mind-blowing pleasure.

Simple enough, the erotic massage is what most people think of when they think of visiting a parlor, and it’s probably what you’ve done if you’ve fooled around with someone in the past. The masseuse explores your body in an erotic way, and you’ll certainly feel satisfied when she’s finishes rubbing my hands over every inch of your body.
A massage that uses a variety of slow movements to stimulate your body. This massage focuses on building sexual arousal towards an intense release. Expect a lot of teasing and feeling extremely satisfied afterwards.

An erotic massage that involves direct stimulation of the penis. Unlike other massages, a lingam massage will ensure that your groin receives full, undivided attention. Expect euphoric pleasure.
A Lingam or penis massage is so much more than what you might initially think.
It does involve rubbing the penis, testicles, perineum, and external prostate, but the Lingam technique is about more than just tugging on your junk.  Its main purpose is for the man to learn how to experience pleasure, and it is often used by men who suffer from premature ejaculation as a way of training their body and mind.

An extremely special massage that involves the masseuse pressing my naked body against you and using a series of erotic slides. It’s very similar to a b2b massage but uses a special nuru gel, which is insanely slippery and allows for some creative but sexy body slides. You are guaranteed all of the pleasure of sex but without any of the penetration.
This is an extremely erotic body to body massage where the masseuse gets naked and covers both her body and yours in oil before getting on top of you and giving you a very slippery experience. The masseuse will rub her sexy body all against yours, bringing more friction and electricity to the session and getting you incredibly aroused.

This massage fuses aromatherapy, tantra, and massage therapy. The senses are excited, and the body is slowly teased towards a heightened state of arousal.

This is an extremely slow, ritualistic massage that involves gradually building up arousal and maintaining it. It’s about using the power of the mind to control orgasms. Expect incredibly intense pleasure

This is exactly like it sounds and can take place in many ways, from a shower to a bath to a room with warm soapy water i use my body
to help ‘clean’ yours.

This type gives you pleasure in a different way as you both concentrate on full relaxation and on the sexual energy being transferred between the masseuse and you. The tantra doesn’t always end in orgasms but you will definitely feel aroused.
Lara 💋

guys, for my overnight bookings, I have a


hot tub (weather permitting)

very DISCREET location & private parking


I can be your delightful dinner date, or i can be your party girl ?
Lara 💋

Sex is great, but sometimes, we require something a little more to add to the fun so many times we’re just so confused about what should and should not be done in bed, and because of this confusion, end up losing opportunities, or doing things we might not really enjoy.

If you’re one of those who is not sure just what their kink is, then meeting and exploring is a must 🖤

I conduct BDSM in my sessions in a very private and discreet setting My play space is equipped with the most exquisite equipment and, of course, my presence. I hold my incalls at home and also have a room dedicated to my BDSM lifestyle my sessions can include any of the kinks i am into

I’m always dressed impeccably to thrill, enthral, and mesmerize my submissives.

My latex, leather, fine lingerie, and exquisite hosiery are accessorised by glamorous shoes or boots - some feminine, some stern but all sexy and beautiful.

Male, female, or submissive couples are welcome. Your level of experience is unimportant.

All I seek is your attention and respect. If you are looking for a more sensual session with your partner, I can also accommodate you both

While I endeavour to meet all your expectations, in return, I expect you to succumb to my own ideals. Whips, chains, and toys totally excite me; so let me show you the beauty of bdsm while you surrender to me.

I welcome novice or experienced submissives. Seeing you undress in front of me is the start of stripping your identity - a thrill from the start!

My style is unique - playful and sensual to very strict and demanding, depending on my mood. Erotic domination, discipline, fetishes

Bondage is a form of restraint. It’s a sex act that falls within the BDSM umbrella, which is an acronym for “bondage, discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism” and a group of fantasies.

“Traditionally, cuckolding is when a heterosexual couple agrees to both explore the turn-on of the female sleeping with other men and humiliating her male partner about the fact that she’s sleeping with someone else.

My male partner need not be present—as he gets off on the mere thought of me having sex with someone else.

For others, there’s an element of voyeurism to the cuckolding as well. This kink isn’t just for heterosexual couples—people of all genders and orientations can enjoy cuckolding varieties.

If you’re turned on by the idea of your partner sleeping with others yet don’t necessarily want to go through the emotional tax and risk of them literally having sex with others, you can explore this kink through dirty talk or virtual sex with a third party.

Dominance is one half of BDSM, the DS part (dominance and submission), and is all about a consensual power exchange.

With this particular kink, the dominant partner derives sexual pleasure from taking over

The submissive partner allows their dominant partner to, well, dominate them à la 50 shades of grey

Important note: Though the books and movies did help make BDSM kinks more mainstream, they’re not totally accurate. Despite what the movie would have you believe, nope, you do not have to sign any sort of contract—all you need is enthusiastic consent from both you and me and any other parties involved.

The act of creating DIY porn is closely tied to exhibitionism and voyeurism, where one person is aroused by being watched, and the other is aroused by watching.

is a way to cater to both kinks and take it to the next level by capturing the act on camera.

Both the process of creating homemade porn and playing it back is all part of the fun.

Because of the recording element, consent is a must, as is trust. Those wanting to create DIY porn with me I will want to discuss and establish certain boundaries before engaging, including the fact I do NOT consent to my face being shown, and how and where the footage will be stored. 

This is one of the most common fetishes out there, especially for heterosexual men.

Someone with a foot fetish is literally turned on by feet—thinking about them, touching them, seeing them—and could potentially get off on everything feet.

They often want to engage in foot worship, in which they treat their mistresses foot like a holy object: kissing, caressing, and massaging it.

Having subs with a foot fetish can be extremely enjoyable as it means there is foot massages galore for me .

But like all kinks, foot fetishes exist on a spectrum.

Humiliation can also play a strong role in a foot fetish:
YOU the fetishist may want my feet shoved in your face and mouth, or to have me walk all over you, touting how filthy my feet are and how pathetic the fetishist that is you is to enjoy such an activity.

Other foot fetish activities i offer include giving me pedicures and smelling my feet and/or shoes that said feet reside in throughout the day.

Not all BDSM acts are physical. “Intense language can be just as intense, humiliation and verbal abuse is what I use

Impact play refers to the use of hands, paddles, whips, or whatever you have around your house (spatulas work great) to..

If you’ve ever playfully spanked your partner during sex, that’s impact play. More than anything else, impact play requires consent, we will have a safe word, and communication is key.

A good thing to keep in mind is I’m the one providing the impact, and I will stick to areas that are fatty. If anything becomes uncomfortable (and not in a good way), implement your safeword immediately.

“Masochism is deriving pleasure from the high sensation most often referred to as pain, be that physical or emotional if you enjoy being spanked, humiliated, or spit on, you might be a masochist.

A nylon fetish—yep, as in tights—often accompanies a foot fetish. One with a nylon fetish may enjoy the look and feeling of toes, feet, and legs wrapped tightly in nylon stockings. They may want to smell the nylons or have them shoved in their mouth. if you want to try it, next time you get frisky

A voyeur is someone who derives sexual pleasure from watching others get it on. When we speak about voyeurism from a kink perspective, we’re talking about consensual voyeurism. Very important distinction! Exhibitionists enjoy being watched, and voyeurs enjoy watching, which makes these two kinks a common item on the menu at sex parties or kink events. Things become more confusing in everyday life because observing someone without their knowledge or consent is absolutely not okay. If you have voyeuristic fantasies, make sure you’re indulging them consensually with willing exhibitionists. That way, everyone wins (and gets off). I can arrange Voyeurism sessions. Please email for details

is one kink that seems to have become fairly mainstream without many of us knowing it.

Vicarphilia is vicarious arousal, a kink where individuals are intensely aroused by hearing the sexual experiences, interests, and behaviors of others, namely those who live different—or usually more thrilling—lives than their own. This can be experienced by arranging a 1 hour session with me

Candlelight is fantastic mood lighting, but you can also use the melted wax for good sexual pleasure. it's a good thing the sex toy industry has our backs here. There are candles that exist to burn at a temperature suitable and perfect for bodies, so you don’t have to worry about accidenta
Massage candles also exist. These come in delightful scents. As the candle burns, the wax turns into massage oil. Come and enjoy x

MY BDSM play-space is ideal for any budding Christian Grey or Anastasia it is fully equipped and decorated for an authentic BDSM atmosphere, yet warm, welcoming and with every creature comfort, it's the perfect location for an indulgent session -or more- of passion and roleplay.


over-18s ONLY and is LGBT friendly. Praised for my cleanliness, convenience, and comprehensive collection of bondage furniture and equipment, I look forward to welcoming you for an unforgettable, discreet experience
Lady Lara your Queen of ***** EVERYTHING


  • Oral
  • BDSM
  • Voyeurism
  • Spanking
  • Toys
  • French Kissing
  • Uniforms
  • Fetish
  • FFM 3Somes
  • Bukkake
  • Swinging
  • Oral without Protection
  • Sub games
  • Domination
  • Massage
  • Humiliation
  • BDSM (giving)
  • Rimming (receiving)
  • Spanking (giving)
  • Domination (giving)
  • Humiliation (giving)
  • Oral without (at discretion)
  • Unprotected Sex
  • French Kissing (discretion)
  • Bareback
  • Receiving Oral
  • Striptease
  • Foot Worship
  • Modeling
  • Female Ejaculation
  • Face Sitting
  • Role Play & Fantasy
  • Sauna / Bath Houses
  • Tantric
  • Tie & Tease
  • Penetration (Protected)
  • Lapdancing
  • Cross Dressing
  • 15 Mins "quickie"
  • Travel Companion
  • Dinner Dates
  • Smoking (Fetish)
  • Disabled Clients
  • Hand Relief
  • Fingering/Finger Play
  • Silent Caller (Phone Chat)

I meet with

  • Male
  • Couple MF

Incall rates

Duration Cost
½ Hour £100
1 Hour £150
Overnight £1250
15 mins £80
¾ Hour £120

Outcall rates

Duration Cost
½ Hour £100
1 Hour £150
Overnight £1250
15 mins £80
¾ Hour £120


Q : What is your starsign?

A : Virgo Aug 24 - Sept 22

Q : What is your Primary Language?

A : English

Q : How would you describe your non-binary gender?

A : NA

Q : What is your favourite colour?

A : Pink & Coral & Red

Q : Who is your favourite celebrity?

A : Adele

Q : What is your best feature?

A : Eyes

Q : What three words best describe your personality?

A : Pleasant Perfectionist Horny

Q : What is your favourite food?

A : Italian

Q : What is your favourite drink?

A : Coffee water or a nice Red

Q : What is your favourite film?

A : Too.many to choose from

Q : What is your favourite TV programme?

A : Don't watch TV

Q : What are your favourite flowers?

A : Roses

Q : What is your favourite perfume?

A : Chanel mademoiselle

Q : What is your favourite gift?

A : Any gift is very much appreciated

Q : What is your favourite holiday destination?

A : Australia

Q : What is your ethnicity?

A : Caucasian (White)

Q : What is the colour of your eyes?

A : Blue

Q : What is the colour of your hair?

A : Black

Q : What length is your hair?

A : Long

Q : How would you describe your body type?

A : Slim

Q : How tall are you?

A : 5'8"

Q : How much do you weigh?

A : 9½st

Q : What is your shoe size?

A : 6

Q : What is your dress size?

A : 10

Q : What size is your chest?

A : 34"

Q : What is your bra cup-size?

A : A

Q : How would you describe the size of your breasts?

A : Small

Q : Are your breasts natural or enhanced?

A : Natural

Q : How is your pubic hair fashioned?

A : Shaved Completely

Q : Do you smoke?

A : Socially

Q : Do you have any tattoos or piercings?

A : NA

Q : If you have tattoos or piercings, how discreet are they

A : NA

Q : What times are you always available?

A : I will work around clients needs o

Q : Will you do overnight bookings?

A : Yes

Q : List of Towns/Areas you will visit

A : Anywhere considered

Q : How long are you prepared to travel for?

A : 2½+

Q : Nearest rail station?

A : Lime Street Liverpool

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