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Gender Female
Age 45
Orientation Bi-sexual
Country United Kingdom
Region Yorkshire & the Humber
Town Huddersfield, Halifax, Leeds, Manchester, Bradford
Nationality British
Postcode HD3




Welcome to something a little bit different, where you really matter and are made to feel special, put together with attention and care by a 6ft Tall Blonde Escort trained in the art of sexuality

I have a belief in being different, unique and really listening to your desires, valuing you as an individual and respecting your boundaries. A passion for turning desires into reality and mixing together opposites. I believe in exploring the full potential of your erotic self and maximising your pleasure. I would love for you to explore with me?

Let your erotic mind delve into your deepest desires and what you thought impossible could become reality …

So what are you waiting for?

Come and spend some delightful time with a 6ft tall blonde[/b] dressed to kill in stockings, lingerie and high heels, sparkling playful blue eyes which hold your gaze as you look into my naughty twinkle. I love to dress to please and have a whole wardrobe full of outfits so maybe you would like to suggest something you would love to see me in and I would be delighted to please you....

My intention is to make you feel things you have not felt before and bring up the intensity or your orgasmic pleasure...








Sunday 2nd October 10am - 10pm Huddersfield

Monday 3rd October 10am - 10pm Huddersfield
Tuesday 4th October 10am - 10pm Huddersfield
Wednesday 5th October 10am - 10pm Huddersfield
Thursday 6th October 10am - 10pm Huddersfield
Friday 7th October 10am - 10pm Huddersfield
Saturday 8th October 10am - 10pm Huddersfield
Sunday 9th October 10am - 10pm Huddersfield



When I am working I am available 10am -10pm


Monday 26th September – Friday 28th October Huddersfield

Tuesday 1st November - Sunday 13th November off sorry

Monday 14th November - Wednesday 21st December Huddersfield

Thursday 22nd December - Wednesday 4th January off Sorry


Thursday 5th January - Friday 27th January Huddersfield

Saturday 28th January - Sunday 5th March off sorry

Monday 6th March - Monday 10th April Huddersfield

Tuesday 11th April - Sunday 7th May Off Sorry

Monday 8th May - Sunday 23rd July Huddersfield



Saturday 1st October and Sunday 2nd October

Saturday 8th October and Sunday 9th October

Saturday 15th October and Sunday 16th Ocotber

Saturday 22nd October and Sunday 23rd October

Saturday 19th November and Sunday 20th November

Saturday 26th November and Sunday 27th November

Saturday 3rd December and Sunday 4th December

Saturday 10th December and Sunday 11th December

Saturday 17th December and Sunday 18th December


Saturday 7th January and Sunday 8th January

Saturday 14th January and Sunday 15th January

Saturday 21st January and Sunday 22nd January

Saturday 111th Mech and Sunday 12th march

Saturday 18th March and Sunday 19th March

Saturday 25th March and Sunday 26th March

Saturday 1st April and Sunday 2nd April

Saturday 8th April and Sunday 9th April

Saturday 13th May and Sunday 14th May


The best way to contact me is to phone between 8am and 9.30am on my available days as this is when you are most likely to get me on the phone. I don't answer the phone when I am in session so if you call and there is no answer please either leave me a message and I will get back to you.



Sexological Body work and somatic sex educator

Certificate in Sexological Bodywork
(please note I am not practicing sexological bodywork I am using the principals and knowledge from the course to enhance your experience)

Boundaries and Consent

Like a Pro - Betty Martin

Tantric Masssage

Urban Tantra Intensive course for Professionals within the sex industry - Conscious sexuality, Conscious BDSM and Tantra - June 2017 facilitated by Barbara Carrellas
A member of the Urban Tantra Community

International Tantric Massage Therapist Training - Intense 2 week training course - March 2017 - Facilitated by Somananda
Advanced International Tantric Massage Therapist Training - Intense 2 week training course - Facilitated by Somananda

Tantric full body Energy orgasm and Tantric De-amouring, Fuel for living - Facilitated by Andrew Barnes

Honouring Shiva - Male Tantric Massage -Facilitated by Tantra Massage Training
Tantric Awakening - Tantric bodywork - Facilitated by Tantra Massage Training
Honouring Shakti - Female Tantric Massage - Facilitated by Tantra Massage Training
Divine Devotion - Tantric Rituals - Tantra Massage Training
Intensive Tantric Massage Training - Heaven on Earth Tantra Massage Training
Tantric Deamouring - Andrew Barnes

Sex Magic Weekend - Berlin - Sacred Sexuality and Mystical Arts

Breath work

Spirit Dance - Sundoor Certified Breath work Practitioner

Kahuna Massage a deeper form of Lomi Lomi - Hawain Temple Massage

Kahuna Massage Level 1 - 3 - High Spirits Institute - Brisbane, Australia


The Purple Door - Conscious BDSM - Facilitator - Sacred Pleasures
Exploring Power and Surrender - Sacred Pleasures
Together - A personal journey and exploring conscious sexuality - Facilitator - Sacred Pleasures

Getting Conscious with Kink - Facilitated by the School of Erotic Mysteries

Shibari Level 1 - Anatomie Studio London


Certificate in Evidance based Hypnotherapy (Base course for Erotic Hypnosis)


Kahuna Massage Level 4 - 5 - High Spirits Retreat Brisbane - 2023
Kahuna Massage Level 6 - 7 High Spirits Retreat - Brisbane - 2023
Faciliatation and Leadership Training - High Spirits Retreat - 2023
Shibari Level 2 - Anatomie Studio London
Shibari Level 3 - Anatomie Studio London



and what a wonderful adventure it will be....

Welcome, feel free to explore, let your mind run wild, delve into your deepest desires, explore your erotic intentions, a little playfulness perhaps combined with a touch of magic...

Take a deep breath.... In.... 2.... 3.... 4....
Are you ready?
Really ready to see where the adventure leads you?

Some adventures lead to our destiny, who do you want to accompany you…


Join me in a magical world that is a mix of Narnia and Wonderland where you will be given the freedom permission and encouragement to share and experience your hidden sexual fantasies, desires or kinks in a space that’s exquisitly held. Ensuring your needs are met with a skilled erotic sensual temptress who has a passion for the art of sexuality, eroticism, dark eros and kink while maintaining a sense of myself and others.

So come and grab my hand as we jump down the Rabbit hole….


Hello and welcome I am Kristina J a 6ft Tall, blonde Yorkshire Escort based in Huddersfield

I have a passion for expanding possibilities and opening up new routes to pleasure. I believe in playfulness and exploration to open up your full potential to dive into an intimate encounter. I am committed to providing a safe space that is welcoming and intimate and yet opens up so many opportunities to play together. I would love you to join me in this exciting adventure of erotic discovery.

I can be your purring sex kitten, tantric desire, kinky girlfriend, erotic fantasy, dark eros or commanding Mistress. The choice is yours..

Whatever your desire is I will tap into so it can be explored with connection a warm heart and openness.

I have a passion for deep connective touch, sensuality and giving you the space to totally let go into ecstasy. I really believe it is your birthright to feel extended pleasure in every fibre of your body…

Can I invite you to join me in trusting spontaneity and letting go to embrace and welcome more pleasure?

Skilled in erotic arts and sensual seduction I truly engage with you and meet you where you are on your erotic journey before taking you down the rabbit hole and into your fantasies, eroticism, kinks, fetishes or maybe just the desire for intimate and sexual touch...

I always dress to impress - statuesque and over 6ft in my heels with long legs dressed in smooth stockings matched with some beautiful lingerie and topped of with a lovely figure hugging dress, or maybe a corset and skirt or could I temp you with a bit of leather... The choice is yours and I am delighted to oblige..

Met with warmth, hugs and always a smile flashing my naughty eyes full of intent at you as you walk in to the most welcoming of environments perfect for a passionate, close encounter, you will feel immediately at ease and a sense of something special.


Imagine the perfect girlfriend whom you can relax and indulge with embracing intimacy and sexuality together

A well established 6ft Escort I offer the ultimate in sensual Girlfriend Experience always dressed to impress in stockings, suspenders and high heels take in my long legs and imagine them wrapped around you in an entanglement of sexual decadence...

Let me spoil you and pamper you for a hour or two - may be we could share a hot bubble bath together in a bathroom softly lit by candles... Maybe a luxury body to body massage with some hot oil. I can be your purring sex kitten ready to be stroked, focused on you and your desires. An encounter that is not rushed or mechanical leaving a lasting impression and deep satisfaction.

Extended un rushed foreplay, kissing, deep French Kissing and body to body closeness as well as a full intimate experience the Girlfriend Experience is an enjoyable relaxing time in a safe secure environment with a lady who loves what she does..

My boudoir has been designed for your ultimate pleasure setting the ambiance for intimate delights with myself sexually seductive, sultry and sophisticated taking you on an experience to a whole new level.

So just imagine a true Girlfriend experience with a someone who really takes the time to listen to you and encourages you to express your needs.

Whose touch is so in tune with your body that in itself will make you melt, it is not just any old touch but a real conscious loving touch that welcomes you and makes you feel immediately comfortable.

During our time together I am right there next to you and fully engaged in what is happening between us without so much as a thought for anything else.

I am happy to engage in quality conversation with you and answer any questions you may have for me.

I will make you feel appreciated, valued and worthy of intimate attention while being tender and gentle and always seductive and playful, meeting my eyes with yours and communicating on a non verbal sexual level with your body.

I feel that there is so much missing sometimes in my industry and while you are with me you really do get 110% of me nothing but fantastic is good enough. I really do value our time together as something special for the both of us to share together.

So it goes a lot further than dressing and acting out what you would like on a superficial level. For me it is about being so in tune and in flow with you things just come and feel very natural.

I will very much look forward to running my hands over that body of yours and softly letting my lips work their way up the inside of your legs until…..


What could be nicer than a candle lit bubble bath just for two. Let me pamper you as we share an intimate encounter of bathing together. Naked skin covered in bubbles and warm water caressing our bodies while the soft candle lights create the right mood for us to get o know each other. What a treat it is to share such a delightful experience with a sensual lady, spoiling you and pampering you like you deserve to be.

After the bath we can head into the bedroom where we can dry off before sinking onto the warm crushed velvet of my bed and entwining our bodies together for a delightful encounter where we can take our time to explore each other..

I would suggest a minimum time of 2 hours for this non rushed indulgence of sensuality and erotica and for you to really get the most out of out time together...


I am certified in Tantric Massage and have a comprehensive understanding of

Sacred Practices
Erotic Energy Work
Breath Work
Full Body Orgasm Techniques

The Art of Tantra makes YOU the active recipient and the sole focus of the session. Viewing your body as a temple which is worthy of worship, sacred admiration and intense pleasure.

I have been trained by a number of internationally recognized teachers ( Training )and have an understanding of a variety of different Tantric methods; understanding the power that intimate Tantric massage creates in connection, healing and sexual release. I am specifically trained in tantric energy massage and energy work using the power of my sexual energy to move your energy through your body. Its got to be tried to be believed and it will leave you tingling in places you did not even know could tingle...

I love to get the very best from you. Taking you on an ecstatic and erotic journey facilitated through sexual openness and freedom in a safe, secure and comforting environment delivered from the heart and with good intent.

Tantric Massage, by its nature is a very personal and can be very intimate, both physically and emotionally. Before the session starts we will talk through any

The level of intimacy
Any expectations (on either side)
Throughout the session there will be clear communication.

If you change your mind about the techniques that were discussed at the beginning of the session, or you feel uncomfortable at any point, I invite you to say. There are many different techniques and variations that can be explored to achieve a blissful experience.

The session should be seen as a space for you to just be and I welcome you to feel deeper into your body, knowing you are in a safe, non judgemental environment.

I would suggest a minimum of 90 minutes to allow you to really drop into the experience of dive deep pinto sensual sensation and maybe just tap into some sexual energy as begins to flow through your body lighting every fibre with a tingling desire….


The Erotic Massage is carried out on the massage table and allows for a full body massage with happy ending. It is all about your pleasure and you fully receiving pleasure. Its about relaxation and pampering, unlike Tantric massage it is not focused on raising sexual energy but more about a deep tissue massage based on Ayurvedic Massage principals once I have completed my Lomi Lomi training I will be basing the Erotic massage on Lomi Lomi, which is the most beautiful and amazing flowing massage using the hands and forearms...(July 2019 onwards)…

'The essence of Lomi Lomi - KaHuna Massage and philosophy dates back thousands of years to the days of myth and magic. Today much of the myth have vanished, but the magic definitely endures through magic touch….'

You will be offered a range of massage oils from Organic Coconut oil to Jojoba Oils and even a selection of hand made temple oils for you to indulge yourself and relax into the sensual and erotic sensations...

Within the erotic massage I am incorporating the bossy massage which is where you ask given the opportunity to ask for exactly what touch you want and where you want the touch. This is a fun game to play around with asking for what you want and being fully met in that. Its a great practice in really understanding and being able to voice exactly what you want and one of my most important pieces of training I have received to date.

The bossy massage is an option of the erotic massage and if you choose just to simply receive and indulge then that is also perfect with me.

So just imagine being massaged by a lady in lingerie and having the space and time to drop into receiving pleasure, who does not want more pleasure in their lives?

The massage ends how you choose it to end and as I am passionate about meeting you where you are at it is about it is your choice on how you want to receive the ultimate pleasure and what works for you…..


NURU is an erotic body to body massage that originated in Japan, using my body instead my hands I rub the massage gel all over you in an erotic encounter.

The gel is slippy and smooth and it is both fun and naughty at the same time. The intention of the massage is for me to get the widest possible contact with you using my naked body.

For the NURU massage you will be offered a a choice of NURU gel and a plastic sheet chichis water based or thick natural hot oil that I don't need to use a plastic sheet for which it is a great option in cold weather and is my oil of choice but the choices are up to you in regards to what you wish to receive.


I use a plastic sheet that goes onto my bed. I then apply the gel directly onto my body and use my body to apply it to your body, using my forearms, breasts, legs, bottom, tummy, back as well as the intimate parts between my legs.


I use a normal sheet that goes over my bed and then I use my body to apply the hot which oil, the oil is a mix of two natural oils and is which and smooth in consistency. The NURU / body to body massage with the oil is sensual and seductive and also very relaxing allowing you time to feel pampered and gives you time to unwind while feeling my body rubbing against you and sliding over you.

When you book I will offer you the option of which product to use.

Just imagine my body ripping over you in a slippy embrace of erotic fun, creating new sensations and physical connection.

We take our time to slide together in a physical embrace and even explore each other intimately. Once the NURU is applies everything becomes highly sensitised so the slower and more intentional our movements become the more heightened our intimate sensations are.

I do offer all the sexual services alongside the NURU massage so touching, caressing, kissing, oral both ways is all part of the experience as well as protected intercourse.

To finish the massage I offer a joint shower (for 90 minute bookings) to clean the gel off each other throughly and this can also be an exciting finish to a fun, erotically charged session. For bookings less than 90 minutes you can shower after to wash the oil please note this is not a joint shower.

NURU massage sessions are at least 90 minutes to allow time to shower after - if you are requesting an hour NURU massage then I can do that but it does not allow time to shower together after you can shower on your own after though.

If you wish to book a NURU massage session please book in advance as it take some tome to prepare.


your Erotic Sensual Desire......

Close your eyes and lay back, take a few deep breaths and imagine the unimaginable pleasures of submitting yourself to me...

You are bound securely to my bed, with a soft blindfold covering your eyes, and earphone restricting the sounds you can hear, awaiting your pleasure...

Your heart start to race in anticipation as you hand me your trust and your will so I can give you back an even deeper experience of sensual sexual pleasure...

And what sensual, seductive pleasure it will be...

Awaken yours senses while exploring an erotic world of mystery, magic and darkness. Imagine the luxurious delights of soft fabrics caressing your body, tracing your outline and teasing your intimate desires. Sensation after sensation building up your excitement, your anticipation and your longings. Mixing up the sensations, while placing delicious treats into your mouth to taste, sometimes to eat other times to lick, who knows whats coming next.

You will be tantalised and teased as I make your body mine to play with, and using my wild and erotic imaginzation, play with it I will.

Playing with your body, sexuality, senses and mind, mixing in some Tantric energy magic will make for a truly deep orgasmic and mind-blowing experience..

So what are you waiting for? Come on and let's dive in and play till your body is aching from pleasure..

Nothing is ever the same twice....


Domination doesn't need to be hard, brutal, fast or painful... the real skill is mixing it with sensuality, energy and compassion whilst still remaining firmly in control.

Let me take you on a beautiful journey, in a safe, sane, consensual and nuturing environment to, start the exploration of your dark eros...

Dark Eros uses psychological triggers, intimate holding techniques, allowing you to relax into my arms handing over your control and will to me.
Sensual domination is about controlling the session to maximise the pleasure and desires of both myself as the domina and you as my submissive.

You will be brought, mentally and physically, into a calm state of relaxation, always being aware of my intentions for you. Using touch, voice and breathing techniques your mind and body will relex in preparation for sensual control and consensual domaination. Mental captivation rather than physical restraint will ensnare your body, mind and spirit, allowing for the element of surprise to deliver a truly [I think you mean majesticrather than magnetic] experience.

Everybody is different and has different submission triggers... For some it is bondage, others impact play or body workship, the list goes on... electrical play or anal play, and it doesn't stop there....
What I do know is that I can and will find your triggers, tapping into your desires and energy to take you on an intimate connected journey to your dark side to show you the beauty of those dark hidden desires in a safe, secure and (sometimes) tender environment.

The safer and more secure you feel, the more you trust me to guide you, the greater the rewards and experience will be. You will reach a greater state of relaxation, and the deeper you are able to let go and just experience the beauty of sensual domination, the greater the benefits.

It takes courage to bare your all and show someone else who you truly are......


Bondage Massage is an ecstatic exploration of the senses through erotic and tantric massage, relaxation, mixed sensation play, sensory deprivation and gentle passion to combine conscious sexuality, BDSM and Tantric techniques.

Surrender to pleasure like never before, experience erotic and kinky stimulation, playing with your senses, mixed with feather-light touches and light impact play, bringing sensuality to BDSM
Deprived of the senses of sound and vision you enter a deeper sensual state with your mind craving input from your remaining senses of smell, taste and touch.

Explore that deeper sensual state, and your vulnerability, learn about and begin to understand the sexual power in vulnerability

Touched, somewhere with something, but with what and where? Was it pleasurable or painful and where did it touch?

Rapid or lingering, soft as a feather or hard as steel or somewhere in between? A gentle tingling or something more intense?

Nervousness builds in your state of sensory deprivation, trying to anticipate what will comes next?

Will it be more pleasure to be enjoyed, a quick sharp reminder that without pain there can be no pleasure, or so much pleasure that it becomes painful?

Bondage massage involves the whole mind and body and definately goes further than a tie and tease session.

How the Bondage massage ends (chaste, ruined or fulfiled) is down to you.... Or perhaps you would prefer to leave the decision to me?


A relaxing and intimate engagement where pleasure is derived from subtlety, sensuality and the revellry of being present in the moment.

Restrainted onto my bed for erotic pleasure, surrendering your senses to the power of my conscious touch.

Explore the feeling of freedom from no longer having to make decisions. Surrendering control so I can lead you on a journey into sensual loving touch.

Conscious touch, breathing techniques and energy work will all enhance the quality of the sensual touch and intensify the intimacy between us.

Being fully present in every touch, caress and stroke using my hands and body in a way that makes you feel safe, supported and ready to surrender to erotic desires..

Remove yourself from the outside world, leave your everyday troubles at the door, let everything go and be mine…

Throughout our time together, I will be exquisitely in tune with your body, feelings, aura and sexual energy. I will read you like a book, taking you on a journey, understanding the exact moment you approach climax and then using the tantric art of sublimation to bring you back down, ready for the next stage. You will ride the wave of orgasmic pleasure time and time again until every fibre of your body is crying out for release.

I will take you to the edge, time and time again, making the decision each time whether you are allowed to go over that edge into the relams of release and intense pleasure like you have never felt before, mixing sexuality and energy work together for a truly mind-blowing experience where I am firmly in control.

Go on you know you want to… Submit to erotic surrender, placing yourself in my hands for a while, feel my magical touch and see where the journey takes you….

If I find myself in desires which nothing in this world can satisfy, the only logical explanation is that I was made for another world….


I hear so many of you lovely people say that all you want to do is give me pleasure well here is your opportunity...

A three hour voyage of discovery learning skilled technique of how to pleasure a woman. Together we learn and discover how to touch and caress a woman’s genital areas as a two way co created session. Using a series of pre-recorded videos that teach real techniques that pleases a woman. Now who does not want more of that.

This is an offer to all the Gentleman who really desire to bring pleasure to a woman and take away some skills for life in regards to female genital touch and stimulation. We will take our time and explore as lovers would do in a relaxed, friendly environment, sitting together we will watch the videos and talk about them and then practice each move until you are happy you have mastered it. We will talk about how it feels to receive the touch and how it feels to give the touch, what challenges or resistances come up and how to overcome these. We will learn some skilled female genital touch through watching, listening, communicating, experiencing, exploring and being open to feedback in a very relaxed and open environment where you are free to explore and learn.

This is such a unique opportunity to become a better and more conscious lover learning new ways of touching and caressing the female body. I have written a blog about this over on the blog tab so if you are interested please enjoy reading it.


An opportunity to explore your feminine side or maybe your kink in a safe space. With the addition of a dressing room for guys in my new play pad the opportunities are ever expanding... It could be a simple as wanting to connect with your feminine side or it could be a desire to feel the soft material of stockings and silk or satin next to your skin. It may be that you want to go further and explore with wearing a dress or some heels and maybe a wig.

Like everything I do this is about meeting you where you are at and opening the door to exploration for those that have an interest. I have a small selection in my new play pad but I have access to just about everything you could possible ask for from sissy maid to latex to pussy bow satin blouses, vollers corsets, wigs, heels, lingerie, negligees in every size and colour the list is endless. Just give me a call and we can talk about what it is you would like.

So if you have been thinking about dressing up then now I have created the perfect option for you. It does not have to be about humiliation although it can be if that is what you like, it does not have to be about kink and fetish although it can be it can be whatever you want to make it. It could be something as simple as a a satin fetish where we both indulge in the luxury of satin or you may just want to try on some lingerie or walk in heels. As always I am flexible and open and committed to creating a safe space where you can indulge and explore.

I for one have a real like for an a men in lingerie and really enjoy the feel of stockings worn by you against my skin…

If this is not for you then its simple to for to that room stays closed and you just enjoy the decadent space of by stylish boudoir..


When I am in Huddersfield I am available in my private house which I call my play pad. There is plenty of free parking and it is discreet and set in its own grounds.

I have three main rooms:


The main bedroom which is styled on fifty shades of meets murder mile and is spacious, warm, welcoming and a place totally shut away from the outside world where you can let yourself enjoy the pleasures in a safe, clean and beautiful environment. All the toys are neatly put away in antique cupboards so there is no pressure although a few little hints around the room open the options for exploring an play.


This is a mirrored space with the BDSM furniture in and allows plenty of space to play complete with a free standing St Andrews Cross and Bench its a great place to play for those that want to experience BDSM or Kink in a consensual and boundaries way. I have a range of toys we can play with from strap on to impact but like everything it is about meeting you are at.


A wonderful room dedicated to a selection of lingerie and clothes for you to explore your kink and fetish, with plenty room for dressing and totally secluded it is the perfect place to be creative and naughty at the same time.

Each room is fully accessible or can remained closed up I am committed to your experience been as perfect as it could possible be...

You are very welcome to shower when you get here and there are plenty of clean towels, toiletries and hot water.

I am based 5 minutes off the M62 Ainely Top not too far from Huddersfield Royal Infirmary and you can use this as a land mark to plan your journey.

Being close to the Royal Infirmary I am also on good bus routes and if you are coming by train you can take the bus or taxi which takes about 7 minutes form the train station.


I love what i do and train hard to give you the very best. I think my reviews speak for themselves but do take a while to read through some of the field reports.

I like to share a little about me as a person I am very much open hearted and love attending lifestyle festivals and events where I can learn even more skills. I am often found at an a festival or event or workshop around the country and I also occasionally run my own workshops too.

I love to read and in mu spare time I have my head in a book again learning new things and have a bookshelves crammed with weird, wonderful and interesting books.

I have been a fan of motor sport and try where I can to follow the racing but it has being a hectic few years so I havemiosseg out.

I love to travel and can talk at length about different countries and cultures and love to share some of my experiences everything from running a festival in Goa to white water rafting down the Zambezi

I also love to set myself challenges and quite often I will be off doing some crazy activity somewhere..

Above all I am a social creature and love my supportive network of friends to whom I am forever grateful for the backing and support they have given me over the years and for giving me the courage to choose who i am.

What is Conscious Sexuality all about I hear you ask?

It is not so much about the sex, it is more about learning to be present and connected with yourself, leading on to being present and connected with others. When you are present and connected with yourself and others this leads to a more fulfiling and engaging sexual encounter for all those involved. You need to focus your willingness and intent to bring conscious awareness to our experience, the shared touch and outcomes of our sexuality.

Conscious Sexuality creates a beautiful space for us and when done with full intent and mindfulness it is where the magic happens. It is about more than just being touched it is about the conscious loving touch that makes you feel held, the more you are held securely, the safer you feel which in turn leads to a sense of being able to let go completely and sink more fully into the encounter.

Conscious sexuality is about bringing awareness and acceptance of our own self and removing the associations with quick release and instant changes in emotional state. We live in a society where everything has to be reached quickly and this includes orgasm. We have no time to relax and experience a deeper, stronger orgasm and higher levels of consciousness because we are always in a rush to get to the end result as fast and furiously as possible. After 3 seconds of sexual bliss we collapse into a state of ‘ah now I feel better’. Instant gratification lays at the core and is the self imposed limitation of reaching a more prolonged state of sexual bliss.

Imagine if those 3 seconds of bliss could be extended to half an hour of bliss with a more prolonged, profound ecstatic sate. Imagine a world of more meaningful sexually fulfilling encounters rather than just quick gratification.

It is about bringing quality to the encounter and using all the senses, not just shutting it down to one sense in one area of the body, but recognising the whole body and the fact that all of the senses are an integral part of sexuality. Expanding awareness across the senses by using breath and intention to create a more fulfilling, deeper connection that allows us to feel whole and fulfilled on an emotional level not just a physical level.

An array of useful exercises can be used completed for anyone who wishes to explore conscious sexuality or for couples who wish to explore conscious sexuality together with an experienced practictioner within a safe space.

To qualify for the discount you must advance book by 10pm the day before in advance and the appointment should fall between 10am and 5pm finishing time (appointments running from 4.30pm - 5.30pm do not qualify) weekdays only

The booking must be for at least an hour - half hour bookings do not qualify for this offer

My infall fee with the advance booking discount applied: - Pre booked in advance 10am - 5pm finishing time

1 hour - £120

90 minutes - £180

2 hours - £230

Each hour £100.00 there after

[b]My fee with without the discount applied - Same day bookings, and for advance bookings between 5pm and 10pm/b]

1 hour - £140

90 minutes - £200

2 hours - £250

Each hour £100.00 there after

I do not offer the discount for same day bookings so please do not ask.

The idea of an incentive is to give you something in return for booking in advance please do not de-value the incentive by asking for the discount on same day bookings.

I also do not offer the discount if you have made an enquiry but no actual booking the day before, nor do I offer the discount if you say you have being trying to contact me and could not get hold of me.

The offer is there for genuine visitors to enjoy and make use of.

Please respect the offer and the good nature it is offered with.

To Summarise on how to qualify

You must have advanced booked by at least 10pm the day before

Our meeting must be between 10am and 5pm finishing time)

Meetings between 5pm and 10pm weekdays DO NOT qualify.

I will confirm the price when you book so as to avoid confusion


Sorry to be so strict with this but there have recently being a number of people pushing for discount outside of the offer, its always the minority that ruin it for the majority.

Thank you to the lovely Gentlemen that understand this offer and the treat it with respect and good intentions.

For meetings outside my 10am - 10pm I am available but by fee is double my normal fee so between 10pm and 10pm it is £280.00 per hour

Here is a list of what I have in my DUNGEON to entertain with........

Venus 2000

Venus 2000 Nipple Massagers

Venus 2000 Cock Head Massager

Venus 2000 Cock Pump Cylinder

Violet wand

Violet Wand Probes including Nerve brush

Reverse Contact Carbon Fibre stimulators – Nerve brush, Wire whip, Metal brush and flogger

Mylar flogger

Tens Machine

Estim – Depth Charged Electro Dildo

Estim – Anal pleasure probe

Estim – Classic pleasure Probe

Estim – Anal but plug

Estim – Metal Cock and Scrotum loop

Estim – Pin wheel

Estim - Nipple Clamp

Estim – Cock Rings

Estim – Vaginal Electrode

Estm - Speculum

Estim - Large anal plug

Estim - Skin whisker


Selection of 4 Vacu lock strapons small, medium and large

Large Black Strap on

Anal toys

A range of anal prostate toys

A selection of but plugs ranging from small to large

Inflatable but plug


Glass Dildos

Rampant Rabbit

Selection of small vibrators and dildos


Fully working fucking machine which will take any Vaculock dildo

Ball Gag with nipple clamps

Ball weights

Stainless Ball compressors

Anal ball with heavy duty cock ring

Hitatchi Wand

Selection of whips and floggers

Sperm Stopper

Ball gag with dildo attached

Cock plug

Vac bed

St Andrews Cross


Varity of different oils and lubricants

Sensory deprivation hood


I really do like to keep it very simple in regards to booking me.

The biggest issue I always face is my availability and while I work 10am - 10pm I don not work flat out all day every day, my goodness me I would be exhausted and not able to give you the very best attention you deserve.

From time to time thought the week I take periods of rest which is important as the rule goes I need to look after myself to look after others. If I feel tired this has a knock on effect and something I am not willing to compromise on is quality.

So I do limit to an average number of sessions a week and that appears to work well. I generally am booked way in advance and if you have a specific time and date I advise at least 3 weeks notice to get the appointment time you would like.

The best way to book me is to give me a call between 8am and 9.30AM weekdays is one of the best times as i am more able to answer my phone than any other time in the day.

We can have a short phone call and make arrangements for our liaison, then if you have any detailed requests you can email or text them to me.

If you are making contact initially via email then I will ask for you to call to book and confirm the appointment. I do not mind communicating by email but call me old fashioned I like to speak to the person especially if we are going to intimate. Makes sense yes?

On the morning of the appointment I will request that one of the following happens.

I will text you to confirm between 8am and 8.30am


You will call me between 8am and 9am or at another pre arranged time

This is to confirm and also so you can be given the location details, I do not give my location details until the day and only after confirmation.

I request that all pre booked appointments are confirmed by 10am any unconfirmed appointments will become open to same day bookings.

For same day bookings

My same day availability is very few and far between but here is the tip...

I confirm all my appointments by 10am the morning of the appointment if it is not confirmed and I have not been informed that confirmation will be late the appointment will either be opened up as available or located as private rest time.

So for same day appointments give me a call just before 10am you may get lucky....


Once I know you you may also book by text but until we have met no text bookings will be taken. You may enquire by text then follow up with a phone call to book if you like.


I have a belief in being different, not fitting into the typical escort, BDSM or tantric Box, this I believe gives me the freedom to really embrace each modality and be playful and creative with it without limitations. I love to feel my uniqueness and truly embrace listening to your desires, valuing you as an individual and respecting your boundaries. A passion for turning desires into reality and mixing together opposites. I believe in exploring the full potential of your erotic self and maximising your pleasure. I would love for you to explore with me?

I am passionate about your pleasure, and a felt sense for bringing unique true professionalism to our encounters. I have a strong belief that continued learning and expanding my knowledge in the field of eroticisum in order give you the best experience experience ever. I love to embrace that each and every meeting is an experience it its self.

I welcome the opportunity of expanding possibilities and opening up new routes to pleasure. I believe in playfulness and exploration to open up your full potential to dive into an intimate encounter. I am committed to providing a safe space that is welcoming and intimate and yet opens up so may opportunities to play together. I would love you to join me in this exciting adventure of erotic discovery.

I have a love of deep connective tantric touch, sensuality and giving you the space to totally let go into ecstasy. I really believe it is your birthright to feel extended pleasure in every fibre of your body…

Can I invite you to join me in trusting spontaneity and letting go and welcoming pleasure

  • Mobile : 447900610698


  • Oral
  • BDSM
  • Watersports
  • Spanking
  • Exhibitionism
  • Toys
  • French Kissing
  • Uniforms
  • Fetish
  • MMF 3Somes
  • FFM 3Somes
  • Parties
  • Oral without Protection
  • Sub games
  • Domination
  • Massage
  • Being Filmed
  • Humiliation
  • Rimming
  • Deep Throat
  • BDSM (giving)
  • Rimming (giving)
  • Rimming (receiving)
  • Spanking (giving)
  • Domination (giving)
  • Humiliation (giving)
  • CIM (at discretion)
  • French Kissing (discretion)
  • Receiving Oral
  • Strap On
  • Prostate Massage
  • Striptease
  • Foot Worship
  • Modeling
  • Pole Dancing
  • Female Ejaculation
  • Face Sitting
  • Role Play & Fantasy
  • Tantric
  • Tie & Tease
  • Snowballing
  • Penetration (Protected)
  • Lapdancing
  • Cross Dressing
  • Travel Companion
  • Dinner Dates
  • Sybian & Machine Sex
  • Disabled Clients
  • Gang Bangs
  • Hand Relief

I meet with

  • Male
  • Female
  • Couple MF
  • Couple MM
  • Couple FF

Incall rates

Duration Cost
½ Hour £100
1 Hour £140
2 Hours £250
3 Hours £350
4 Hours £450
Overnight £950
15 mins £100
1½ Hours £200

Outcall rates

Duration Cost
2 Hours £270
3 Hours £370
4 Hours £470
Overnight £970


Q : What is your starsign?

A : Capricorn Dec 22 - Jan 19

Q : What is your Primary Language?

A : English

Q : What is your favourite colour?

A : Red

Q : Who is your favourite celebrity?

A : Mmm. Not sure will have to think

Q : What is your best feature?

A : Eyes

Q : What is your worst feature?

A : Feet

Q : What three words best describe your personality?

A : Outgoing, adventurous, kind

Q : What is your favourite food?

A : You can not beat Thai

Q : What is your ethnicity?

A : Caucasian (White)

Q : What is the colour of your eyes?

A : Blue

Q : What is the colour of your hair?

A : Blonde

Q : What length is your hair?

A : Short

Q : How tall are you?

A : 5'11"

Q : How much do you weigh?

A : 11st

Q : What is your leg measurement?

A : 32"

Q : What is your shoe size?

A : 7

Q : What is your dress size?

A : 12

Q : What size is your chest?

A : 36"

Q : List of Towns/Areas you will visit

A : Leeds, Sheffield, Manchester, Huddersfield, Bristol

Q : How long are you prepared to travel for?

A : 45 mins

Q : Nearest rail station?

A : Denny Dale

Q : What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you in public?

A : OMG too many to mention.

Q : What sort of men turn you on?

A : Experienced men who know what they are doing. I love confidence in a man.

Q : What sort of women turn you on?

A : I love women, sexual experience is a real turn on.

Q : What is the most memorable sexual experience you’ve ever had?

A : Having my mind completely

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