Adele Smyth

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*Experimenting with Pompoir Technique* Mature, Educated and Fun, Imaginative Temptress specialising in making your fantasies come true! *Sensual Seductress* ~ *Masseuse* ~ *Nuru Massage* ~ *Kinkster* ~ *Creator of Sensually Kinky "Be My Toy" Experience*

Gender Female
Age 47
Orientation Straight
Country United Kingdom
Region South East
Town Basingstoke Nr Southampton, Reading, Guildford
Nationality British
Postcode RG21

Taking advance boookings for my next availability, Wednesday, 1st February from noon onwards.

My private and discreet apartment in Basingstoke is centrally located. Don't miss your chance to see me in Basingstoke as I am looking for a more convenient location to fit in with other commitments, or perhaps I will not have a base and "tour". My last day in Basingstoke is likely to be early/mid April 2023 with a slight possibility it may brought forward to mid March 2023 depending on how successful I am in finding a new venue/deciding what I will do and actually finding the time to move again.

Driving ~ I'm just 1.5 miles from Junction 6 of M3
Easy parking (free 2 hour parking nearby otherwise pay for parking in various town centre car parks)

Train ~ less than 10 min walk from the rail station that has excellent commuter links

PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL OF MY TIME and only contact me if, in your first communication, you can give the date(s), time(s) and duration you know 100% you can attend along with a note of which of my delights tickles your fancy. Please be aware if we haven't arranged our time together within 3 emails from you I will have lost interest and be communicating with a genuine gent who really does want to arrange an adventure with me..

Welcome to my profile

A little heads up: my profile isn’t aimed at the gent in a hurry. It’s not a short profile by any stretch of the imagination due to the extensive range of delicious experiences I delight in sharing with you. Please give yourself time to read the areas of interest and perhaps have a peek at the ones you didn’t originally think would appeal, you may be pleasantly surprised. If you feel that there are too many words I'm afraid you aren't the type of gentleman I wish to see.

Hello, I’m Adele, I've also been known as “Kinky Therapist”.

My delights are designed for respectuful and reliable gentleman over the age of 35 who are looking to escape the mundane with an imaginative mature temptress. If that is you allow me to entice you into my Emporium of Pleasure & Tease (I may be persuaded to include a little kink too!).

I am now based in central Basingstoke, in a lovely safe and discreet apartment. When you book I will give you details of the nearest town centre car parks (there is free parking or up to 2 hours nearby). I am only 1.5 miles from jnc 6 of the M3 and the train station is less than a 10 minute stroll. However, I do sometimes find myself in other parts of Great Britain and for the right gentleman I could be tempted to stray while working away. I'm particularly looking forward to reacquainting with the lovely gents I've previously met on my travels.

For reasons of discretion I won't be advertising these stop overs but if you drop me an email that impresses me with the fact you have actually read the words on my profile and you clearly state the area you are in I will let you know when I expect to be in your area or able to make a detour to you.

A little about me:

I’m a charming, friendly mature lady who enjoys rendezvous that are much more than a mere act. I adore it when you spark my wicked imagination meaning unadulterated pleasures are sure to follow.

A very good starting point would be to see if we have a connection allowing our unique dynamics to spark and take us to awaiting realms. This starts with a conversation, so please don’t expect me to take random text/Whatsapp enquiries seriously. Call me old fashioned, but I find initial contacts by text/Whatsapp extremely rude. We need to hear each other’s voices to feel each other’s vibe and to see if the words we use trigger each other’s imaginations and desires. If you see that as an invitation for a phone wank you have totally misinterpreted my words. By no means am I saying that I limit my liaisons to Oxbridge educated gents but I do draw the line at anyone who deems random letters or the words "Babe", "Hun" "Hey", "Hiya" or anything of the sort as appriopriate. I adore language and how we use it says a lot about each of us.

I’m not adverse to a passionate greeting but there is a lot to be said for a gentle introduction. I can’t help myself, I’m a terrible flirt with the “right” gentleman. While engaged in conversation the sub text will hint of the eroticism to follow resulting in your mind and heart racing. I will see in your eyes that you are lusting after me and I may use that to make you even hotter under the collar. Gentle caresses and passion may be disapproved of in our everyday culture but let’s throw caution to the wind and fully indulge.

I have gorgeously soft skin with a pale milky complexion. My blonde locks may be left to hang in natural curls or straightened depending on my mood. I prefer a more natural look, wearing light make-up and don’t follow the trend of implants, fillers and surgery preferring to keep myself in shape with pilates and dance classes. I describe myself as perfectly imperfect and am happy with my wobbly bits and hope you will be too. For admirers of ladies in spectacles I do wear mine from time to time.

I have an intuitive nature and thrive on positive energy but also suffer the reverse when confronted by negativity or aggression. I prefer to look on the brighter side of life and see the positive and opportunities in most situations.

There are so many pleasures that I adore sharing with you…

Despite the unpredictable nature of the life we find ourselves in, be assured all visits to me are designed to enable you to let go of the stresses of your worldly responsibilities. I provide you with a safe and comfortable place for you to heal and be true to yourself during our adventure together. I take your wellbeing seriously which when combined with my empathic talent in the art of seduction, will blow your mind.

If you are a little nervous, please don’t worry, I have a natural ability to put you at ease with my intuitive, relaxed and friendly northern ways. I’ve been told my gentle accent is rather sexy too.

I have an eclectic taste in pleasure, and some may say I’m a lady of contradiction. I simply adore the eroticism of sharing seductive, sensual times but also have a darker side revelling in the forbidden fruit of kink and fetish. As a fully qualified massage therapist I’ve also created a range of experiences that enable me to let my skilled hands loose on you, enticing you into a state of physical and mental well-being before releasing my flirty and teasing persona. I also draw on my wealth of experience to provide “no sexual pressure” experiences for gentlemen who enjoy pleasures without full services. For you I have created a range of sensual and/or kinky experiences incorporating denial. Your boundaries are always fully respected.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have shared many adventures with exciting lovers over the years and am experienced in a variety of thrilling erotic pleasures. I enjoy taking the leading role and revel in teasing you to distraction which led me to create my unique delights of “Be My Toy” and “Lady’s Choice”.

I have split my profile into different tabs to help you navigate to the section of interest to you. I hope the narrative excites you and you are tempted to let me take your hand and lead you into my eclectic world of erotic, sensual and sometimes kinky fun.

A Little Kink ~ place yourself in my experienced hands to be taken to wonderful places you have previously only ever dreamt of.

Massage and Pamper ~ be prepared for sheer indulgent pampering with my range of pampering massages and ever increasing range of treatments on offer.

Sensual Seduction ~ where strangers become lovers, allow me to reciprocate your light butterfly touches that make me quiver and let our passion overwhelm us.

Time for Decadence ~ for the gent who prefers a longer time to connect with a lady on an intellectual level as well as erotically, let’s close the door on the world and indulge.

It's extremely flattering the distance many of you travel to share in my delights. I pride myself on providing you with a distinctive and unique experience meaning the adventures I offer are worth your while travelling any distance to me. Many of you tell me that you treat the journey to me as part of the experience feeling the trepidation build as you fantasise about what you are about to succumb to.

I’m looking forward to sharing indulgent and fun times together.

Getting the most from our time together…

Gentlemen, please remember the Golden Rule of “do until others as you would have them do unto you”. The nicer you are the more likely you are to get a positive response. Take the proverbial michael and you will simply be blocked no matter how well you think we know each other.

Organised and reliable gents win over every time. It is worth noting that I only take a select few intimate bookings a week. I’m not a robot and wish to enjoy our times together too. I would rather have quality and fun over quantity where simply going through the paces leads to nothing other than exhaustion.

I am scrupulous about personal hygiene and will always be freshly bathed for our meet. I do expect the same from you to get the most of our time together. I simply won’t go near body parts that aren’t soapy fresh. For intimate experiences I will insist you shower on arrival and allow you 5 minutes before our time commences for you to shower thoroughly. Please also use this time to ensure your oral hygiene is spot on especially if you have just consumed food and/or drink. If you don’t you will only be provided with services that can be delivered at arms length. Everything you need to make yourself soapy clean is provided: fluffy white towers, a selection of shower gels, toothbrushes (in sealed packages), toothpaste and mouthwash for you to use BEFORE our playtimes commences. Sadly, I have to point out that I provide the facilities and products for my benefit, to ensure you are fresh for me. You are welcome to also have a quick shower before you leave to ensure you are presentable to the outside world too.

Discretion is assured but please understand that just like you I have a life outside of the adult industry and wish to keep my secret world a secret so please ensure you are also discreet.

Don’t forget to check out the tab on this profile entitled "Making a Date" before contacting me to ensure both of our precious time isn’t wasted.

Adele x

I will need a minimum of 24 hours' notice for delights on this page if I don't already know you. If I know you well and I happen to be available half a day's notice will suffice. Gentlemen it's worth being that little more organised to experience the pleasures I have in store for you.

Some of you are shocked to learn I’m not averse to enjoying the darker side of play letting my wicked imagination let rip while leading you through the pleasures of torment in which I am proficient. If you are brave enough you may like to experience my darker self and indulge in a mutual appreciation of kink.

For the sake of clarity I would point out that on my profile kink and domination are not interchangeable terms. They are each very different fields. Kink includes sexual pleasures although similar to domination, I do like to engage your mind throughout our kinky time together taking you on a more satisfying journey of pleasure. Domination is more about the submissive’s need to submit which means a session, outside of an established committed sub/domme relationship, would not include sex. Think of domination as more of an arms length experience. Therefore, you DO NOT refer to me as Mistress. If you do not wish to experience a kink session as detailed on this page but prefer a domination session please email me with a brief outline of what type of session you require and let’s see what we can arrange.

To avoid any confusion, I will never take a submissive role in our time together.

Please be honest and declare health issues. These questions are for your safety so I can adapt our time to suit your needs. If you fail to disclose any medical conditions or the use of stimulants (ie. viagra and the like which can cause you to faint in certain situations!) and you become ill or pass out our session our time will end immediately, without refund, and I will call medical assistance. Please be responsible and honest.

On this page you will find details of:

- My infamous "Be My Toy" experience

- Chastity Torment

- Fun and teasing Bondage Chair Tease

- Role Play

- Cross Dressing Delights

- Details of my tools and equipment

2 HOURS “BE MY TOY” EXPERIENCE ~ £300 (*additional hours may be possible see the "Arranging a Date" tab)

The ultimate and popular experience to safely embrace and thoroughly enjoy your sexually submissive side in my expert hands...

Wickedly unadulterated sensual play with a hint of kink if you can handle it...

Please be aware that this is not a girlfriend experience "GFE" and nor is it a domination experience. Think more along the lines of a sensual fest where you will be my submissive toy and as such you do not dictate the activities at all. If you wish to direct which activities or indeed my clothing this experience isn't for you but I may be able accommodate your requirements under the guise of a "normal" or "kink" booking just drop me an email with what you are looking for.

Imagine the scene...

You naked, restrained and totally submissive to me where you are put in all manner of positions ranging from the comfort of my boudoir where the pleasures are only limited by our imaginations and let me assure you mine is rather wicked. I will have a range of equipment and devices with me to ensure the pleasures are plentiful. You will be pleasured and drained of every drop of your pleasure juice but then the realisation hits you… you are still being used and unable to stop me toying with you for my own wicked desires!

As my previous guests will testify, play times are full on and fast moving in the World of Adele but rest assured for those of you that book longer sessions you will be allowed a small amount of recovery time. Obviously, I will need entertaining in your “rest” time so I may invite you to shower with me where I will teach you just how to touch me gently and erotically as you soap me up or perhaps, I will allow a little down time where you will be blindfold and restrained… but have I left the room leaving you alone? Listen carefully was that me breathing? Was that a rustle of clothing? Was that air movement me brushing by you? Did you feel that gentle touch? Or perhaps your senses have lost all sense of reality and you are alone…

Like what you read? Be brave and book for an experience that will have your mind whirring for days afterwards.

Those of you that know me know that this will be an incredible experience as I DO deliver what I promise.

Please be aware that this is a playtime where you will be fully submissive and obey my instructions eagerly and with grace, if you want to behave like a naughty boy grabbing and groping or want to direct activities you haven’t understood this experience and it’s not suited to you.

Enjoyments that will be included (you can’t opt out of):

Being pleasured

Having fun

Sensual Teasing in a variety of methods




Enjoyments included (subject to my desires on the day) which you may opt out of, if you need to opt out of lots of these this really isn't the experience for you. A typical misunderstanding is that the following are all about pain - so very wrong! Please advise of any opt outs at time of booking:

- Kissing

- Anal play (on you, provided you have been cleaned inside)

- Blindfold pleasuring of me

- CBT (cock and ball torture but in a sensual way!)

- Electroplay (E-stim and/or Violet wand)

- RO (reverse oral)

- Gag (on you)

- Lingam erotic massage with a quality oil

- Oral (covered)

- Spanking (of you) hand and/or paddle

- Massage

- Nipple play (on you, never on me)

- Protected penetrative sex

- Shared shower where I will instruct you how I enjoy being soaped up and washed down

- Shoe fetish - worship/boot fetish/heel fetish/foot fetish

- Strap-on (provided you are cleaned out properly)

- I also have the metal rods for you know where!

- Vibrating toys (on you)

Chastity Torment

Please check back – details to follow:

This experience will include an outing where I will overtly wear your key on a chain. Once I am satisfied you are uncomfortable enough we will retreat to my chambers where you will be tormented further and may even be instructed to tend to my selfish whims for my own pleasure. Only if I am satisfied will I unlock your cage and allow you a release and pleasure.


You will submit to me for a delicious half hour of teasing while you are securely restrained to a chair and possibly blindfolded (the blindfold is optional if you prefer to enjoy visual). I will be dressed stylishly but beneath my outer layer of respectability you will catch a glimpse of my gorgeous lingerie and stockings. I will flaunt myself at you. You will feel me brush by you, I will drape myself across your body and slowly undress you as I sit astride your lap leaning in close whispering in your ear.

You will desperately try to control yourself as I release your manhood from your clothing and…

NB: Gent's please be aware that the chair tease simply doesn't work if your belly restricts access to your manhood when sat upright.


I adore naughty role plays

If role plays aren't your thing but you would like me to dress as a certain character for your character just let me know when you contact me to make your booking.

I particularly enjoy role plays where I can show my dominant side. I will NEVER play a submissive part or agree to be bound or blind fold. I've listed some ideas below to get you thinking, let your imagination run riot. Please be aware I do not partake in any unde^age or family related scenarios.

The ever popular Naughty Nurse ~ the examination isn't quite as expected...

Devious girlfriend ~ she greets you with passionate kisses but soon you find out you are in trouble...

Interviewee ~ let me show you why you should employ me, I can be very persuasive...

Interviewer ~ so what's so special about you to persuade me to employ you?

Naughty Secretary ~ would you like me to file that away Sir?

Bitch boss ~ you haven't been working at full capacity, why shouldn't I give you your P45?

Lady of the Manor ~ You are summoned by the Lady of the Manor. Wonder what she wants you for?

Landlady ~ you are late paying your rent and must beg your landlady not to throw you out...

Nasty Nurse/Invasive Dr ~ your medical takes an invasive twist...

Police Interview ~ you are nervous about the body search and being interviewed. You should be...

You are the accused in Court ~ you have the opportunity to plead your case before you are sentenced for your crimes.

You need to let me have details of your desired role play at the time of booking. If you are unable to explain your full scenario to me within 10 minutes you will need to first contact me to arrange a paid for phone chat to discuss your role play to your heart’s content. Experience tells me if a gent is unable to explain his roleplay scenario simply within 10 minutes, he is merely looking for titillation and disrespecting the lady by trying to obtain a free wank call when making initial contact.


I have seen many gentlemen that like to dress in ladies clothing whether that be just sexy lingerie or full attire complete with wig and make-up and I have thoroughly enjoyed these sessions. So, I thought why not put my love of sexy lingerie and corsets to good use while I enjoy myself

Please note that if you are wish to wear make-up and do not have any to bring with you. I am able to purchase this after you have made a bank transfer at least 72 hours prior to our time together to cover the cost of your make-up and my time to go out and purchase it.

I would welcome you whether you:

are a total novice and would just like to see what if feels like

just enjoy the feel of lingerie against their skin, be it suspender belt and stockings or full corset etc the choice is yours

have a little experience in this area and would like to expand boundaries further

are the more experienced cross dresser

Please note that if you require a full makeover you will be required to supply your own make-up for obvious reasons.

Please don't be shy about contacting me as this is something I greatly enjoy.

We could combine our dressing booking with a sensual GFE where I get to appreciate what you are wearing too. For the more adventurous why not experience a kink session in this guise.

Is there anyone that would like to be dressed and maybe wonder round town with me or go to a coffee house? Obviously, this is only available where you are dressed discreetly, and we have worked on your walk and speech after all we want to be discreet and are not out to shock the natives!

I'm by no means a professional dresser but I do enjoy dressing you.


Rather than rushing in headlong to set up a separate dungeon premises (despite having found a couple of potential venues) I have decided to bide my time and have set up my Chambers in my residential base, I will be rotating these, but my dungeon furniture consist of St Andrews Cross, Kneeling Bench, Horse Bench and Stocks. I currently have the cross and kneeling bench and the stocks available in the next week or so for use along with all my delightful equipment as noted below.


Electro play - I use the E-Stim set and have interesting attachments to use on you, please do not request this pleasure if you have any heart problems.


Glass dildos

G-spot dildo

Nipple clamps (various including chop stick nipple clamps, suction & twist)

Strap-on (small, standard and exceptionally large ~ to use on you)

Magic wand

Dare massager

Anal beads (to use on you)

Prostate massagers (different sizes for your pleasure including a ***NEW*** vibrating one)

Butt plugs (various sizes to use on you including a glass one)

Stainless steel anal hook

A selection of glass anal dildos of various sizes

Vibrating butt plugs (two different sizes to use on you)

Under bed restraints (for use on you)

Over door restraints (for use on you)

Leather ankle and wrist cuffs (to use on you)

Hobbler to restrict your movement

Leg Stretcher to use on you

Bondage tape (to use on you)

Hot wax candles (to use on you)

Pouring wax (to use on you)

Humbler (if you are brave enough! to use on you)

Parachute ball stretcher (to use on you)

Metal weights to attach to your nipples and/or balls

Floggers/leather tawse/bamboo beater/pump/slipper (to use on you)

Cane/chopstick spanker/hard wood studded paddle (to use on you)

Crops (various to use on you)

Camel crop (to use on you)

Feather tickler

Vampire gloves

5 ring Gates of Hell cock cage

Ball gags, "O" ring gag and dildo gag

Hoods and leads

Penis pump

And finally the piece of equipment we are not allowed to name! ~ I have a selection of sizes to use on you ~ if you would like me to use these on you please let me know at the time of booking as I like to re-sterilise these just before each use.

If I'm available sensual-strokes massages and tie and denial are available for on the day arrangements but never for "now". For my other delights on this page: if I don't know you a minimum of 24 hours' notice; but if I know you well and I happen to be available half a day's notice. It's worth being that little more organised to experience the pleasures I have in store for you.

Those of you that know me know that I’m anything but run of the mill so here is a luscious pampering and teasing experiences with a difference for you.

On this page you will find details of:

Sensual-Strokes-Massage ~ relaxing yet erotic pampering massages with a delightful happy ending or tie and denial experiences for the gentleman who prefers a guilt free non-sexual meet

Gentleman's Retreat ~ delights for the gentleman who prefers a more interactive massage and pampering experience.

- Massage and Play Experience

- Pamper Days

Sensual-Strokes-Massage – Passive Massages and Denial Tie and Teases

If you are a gentleman who enjoys passive massages and denial tie and tease where there is no sexual interaction Sensual-Strokes-Massage is for you. A quick online search will find full details or alternatively drop me an email/text/Whatsapp during my working hours requesting the link for Sensual-Strokes-Massage. This is the only instance I will respond to unknown numbers on text/Whatsapp - keep your message courteous and short along the lines of "Please may I have the link to your Sensual-Strokes-Massage website? Name"

Gentleman’s Retreat Interactive Massage and Pamper Experiences

I also delight in welcoming gentlemen to indulge in interactive massages and pamper experiences to Gentleman’s Retreat where the discerning gentleman can escape the pressures of the world by selecting an indulgent pampering with me. I am a fully qualified and insured massage therapist and coincidentally happen be an expert at teasing you to distraction. Rest assured while you are with me you are the centre of my attention.


Relax with a full body Swedish massage where you can enjoy my skilled hands working their magic all over your body in the knowledge that you will soon be enjoying sinful pleasures followed by a shared exfoliation shower before returning to the gently lit boudoir for sensual enjoyment of each other.

To get the most out of the massage experience intimate play commences post massage enabling you to relax and fully appreciate the benefits of the massage preparing you to be sensually pampered afterwards.

Please email me should you have any health issues to discuss if a massage is suitable for you, please be honest as calling an ambulance is not the type of excitement I enjoy!


5 - 7 decadent hours of indulgence. Please see the tab entitled "Time for Decadence" for full details.


I'm really excited to be able to offer you the sensationally erotic Nuru Massage (pronounced Nu - roo) which is an erotic, sensual, wet, body to body massage with real Nuru gel, not a drop of imitation oil in sight, and so much fun!

Nuru massage is a massage technique that originated in the Soaplands of Japan.

Nuru is the Japanese word for slippery and precisely describes the Nuru gel that is used in your massage. The gel is a non-oily, water based seaweed formula that is simply luxurious. An added extra to all the fun we will be having is that you will find the massage gel leaves your skin silky soft to the touch.

We will start our massage with a shared shower with lots of sensual touches and gentle teasing (some of you will know how much I love playing in water) before making our way to an area which I will have previously prepared. While we are still wet from the shower I will invite you to join me on a shiny PVC sheet and allow you to experience the erotic sensation of the Nuru gel being poured over your naked body before commencing the body to body massage.

Full personal services are available during this massage, if you do not wish to partake in full services please let me know when you book (full rate applies even if you do not wish full services).

I require 24 hours' notice for the Nuru Massage which is available for a duration of 1 hour. Sadly, due to the number of unsavouries a 50% deposit is always required to book a nuru massage. If it takes your fancy we can also include one of my many other delights as an aperitif to our shared nuru massage. Please let me know at the time of booking:

One hour ~ £190.00

Due to the slippy nature of the Nuru gel, for obvious reasons, it is not possible to include strap-on play or for me to use anal toys on you during the Nuru Massage experience. If you enjoy these activities and require them during our time together they can be provided at the start of our playtime before we move onto the Nuru massage.


To ensure that a massage is safe and beneficial to you I will run through a questionnaire with you prior to the massage to identify any allergies and/or medical/health issues. Please be honest about any conditions you may have/had so that the massage can be tailored to suit your needs.

Advance booking is necessary for delights on this page: if I don't know you a minimum of 24 hours' notice; but if I know you well and I happen to be available, half a day's notice. It's worth being that little more organised to experience the pleasures I have in store for you.

Sensual Seduction

Now that I only offer limited invitations to my boudoir my ardour for gentle and seductive interludes has been reignited. I invite polite, respectful gentlemen who enjoy the eroticism of sensual play to share a delicious rendezvous with me. We will mutually enjoy the pleasures of gentle and lingering touches, teasing each other as we melt into the pleasures we create. I will encourage you to sensually caresses my responsive body resulting in skin orgasms while you gently place tingling kisses over my soft, smooth skin. I can’t help but respond with quivers to light butterfly touches down my back and soft kisses against my soft and smooth to the touch pale freckled skin.

Gentlemen I’m afraid if you are heavy handed and/or your style mimics Benny Hill you aren’t for me. I find being roughly grabbed at, nipple tweaking and dare I say the frantic clit rub and indeed fingering a massive turn off. Please don’t be offended but I prefer my lovers to have more finesse.

I of course, will revel in reciprocating the gentle sensual pleasures, our breathing become rapid and feeling the warmth of our bodies as they become entwined as our desires take us to a wonderful place leaving us both contentedly exhausted.

Perhaps you would like to add a further element of excitement and experience a sensual yet ever so naughty tie and tease where I will ensure incredible sensations will sweep through your body allowing you to let go and forget the stresses of the daily grind. We are only limited by our own imaginations.

If any of the experiences detailed in my “Time for Decadence” or indeed my “Gentleman’s Retreat” take your fancy just let me know and let’s see if we can incorporate them into our sensual fest.

I do enjoy to dress with the sole aim of tempting you to ravish me. If there is a look you appreciate, please ensure you let me know when you book and I will do my best to accommodate your request from my vast wardrobe. If I don’t already have the attire you wish me to wear you are welcome to bring it along with you and I will happily change into if for you on your arrival.

For the stocking connoisseurs amongst you I adore fully fashioned stockings and vintage stockings (yes, the real thing not some cheap imitation) and would be happy to wear these for you in dates of 2 hours and over. If you wish me to wear them in a date of less than 2 hours’ duration a contribution of £30 towards the cost of these will be required. Simply let me know when you book.

Advance booking is necessary for delights on this page: if I don't know you a minimum of 24 hours' notice; but if I know you well and I happen to be available, half a day's notice. I'm pointing out the obvious here but for longer experience I will need more notice so that I can reorganise my non-adult industry work schedule for you. It's worth being that little more organised to experience the pleasures I have in store for you.

For gentlemen who prefer a longer or perhaps different relaxed time together I invite you to share a decadent experience with me. I have noted a few ideas below to pique your interest, but if you have other suggestions please let me know and let’s see what we can arrange.

The page details:

- Lady's Choice

- Dinner/Lunch Date

- Pamper Day

- Bespoke Indulgences

- Companion

LADY’S CHOICE ~ 1.5 hours ~ £250 / 2 hours ~ £300 / 2.5 hours ~ £350 / 3 hours ~ £400

I’m often told that selecting just one experience form the range I offer is akin to being in a sweetie shop leaving you confused as to what you really want. Lady’s choice takes away all that pressure and adds to the excitement as I make the choice for you. This may be a seductive girlfriend experience (GFE) or perhaps one of my professional massages followed by an intimate time or even a kinky delight. You won’t know until the fun commences which of the delightful experiences from my vast repertoire you will be immersed in.

When you arrive you will try and guess from my attire what lays ahead of you but do you really think I’m going to miss out on the opportunity to build the anticipation and desire by making it that easy? I may just put in a curve ball and have an outfit change or two lined up.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that the theme that we commence with will be your only destination. Before you know it, I may have changed tack having lulled you into believing you will continue down the theme I started with only to divert onto a different scenario leaving you feeling uncertain but savouring the sensations racking your body as you tremble with anticipation.

Please note if I select a kinky session for you the activities will be of a sensual nature and will not cause you any pain or marks.

To get the most out of lady’s choice we will need a minimum of 90 minutes to enjoy but if you like a longer time, I will happily enjoy you for the duration you book.

You can select up to 4 activities from this list to omit but the rest is up to me:

Anal / strap-on (on you of course)

Cross dressing

Face sitting

Foot fetish




Reverse oral (RO)

Role play

Shared shower

Wax play

4 HOUR (2 hrs social/2hrs boudoir/kink) DINNER OR LUNCH DATE & INTIMATE PLEASURES ~ £400

Let’s enjoy a relaxed time together before appreciating each other intimately.

My dinner or lunch date is perfect for the gentleman who prefers to relax and enjoy good company and seductive teasing before enjoying intimacy. We enjoy 2 hours of social time followed by 2 hours of private time (4 hours in total) maybe we could enjoy lunch/dinner or visit a gallery/museum or even go for a walk along the beach stopping off for coffee followed by 2 hours of intimate time. My fee for this booking is £400 plus you cover any expenses.

Unfortunately, it is necessary to point out social time is just that and may include hand holding (depending on the venue) but certainly not outdoor play. Let’s keep our play time safe and private in the confines of my boudoir or if it takes your fancy my kink rooms.

I fully understand that 4 hours may not suit what you have in mind, the duration is flexible. My rates for intimate time are noted at the bottom of this profile and then simply add on £50 for each additional hour or part hour of social time.


Sometimes you simply have a need to get away from it all and be pampered by someone who has your pleasure and well-being as their number one priority.

I would love to be that "someone" and I invite you to spend between 5 and 7 hours during the day with me. We can relax and just do what takes our fancy. We can focus the day on a mixture of pleasures revolving around your wellbeing.

Please be realistic as to what you want to include in your day, think more of a leisurely and enjoyable amble through pleasures rather than a frantic over excited dash which result in you being burnt out before we even reach our refreshment break.

A shared shower gently soaping each other down would be an ideal way to get to know each other while serendipitous touches send quivers through our bodies sharing the excitement and anticipation of the day ahead of us.

Unhurried pleasures then await us in the boudoir where our bodies intertwine as our lips search each other’s nakedness exploring our desires causing much more than a mere stir of arousal.

A quick change and I could turn from your erotic muse to a naughty nurse putting you through a rather intimate examination.

If your pleasure is kink, we can indulge and experiment or perhaps it is something you would like to experience for the first time lingering on your enjoyments.

When you are contentedly exhausted why not enjoy a relaxing Swedish massage delivered by my expert hands.

There of course will be a need for sustenance in the form of a picnic on the bed. Who knows what manner of tasting techniques we could devise or indeed how messy we will be.

When you feel that there can't possibly be anymore pleasures to be had allow me to tie you to my bed kindling further arousal.

You will end the day feeling relaxed, sated, contented and pleasurably exhausted with fond memories of light-hearted companionship, lots of giggles with a generous helping of passionate kisses, intimate stimulation and a connection of erotic pleasures.

My fee for a pamper day is a set fee of £750 irrespective: of whether you leave at 5 hours or allow me to keep you for the full 7 hours, or any duration in between. As we will be sharing a picnic lunch, please ensure you let me know if you have any special dietary requirements.

If you find it impossible to find a full day to escape email me using the title "Pamper" letting me know which areas excite you and the duration you are looking for and let's see what we can arrange.


I’m not adverse to letting you lead me astray, provided it doesn’t involve being carted off by the boys in blue so please be realistic.

Here are a few ideas for starters:

Maybe you have a long lived fantasy of flirting with a stranger over the car park meter and finding yourself booking into the local hotel for an afternoon of delight.

One of my favourites is going for a sail and dropping down anchor to enjoy the extra pleasures created by the gentle bobbing waves.

For those of you that yearn for a mix of sensual and fetish I’m sure we could get our heads together and find a suitable combination of releases.

There are just so many possibilities where do we begin?


In view of the many requests I receive from gents to meet socially I have now added a nonsexual social companion experience to my repertoire. If you wish me to accompany for a work/family/social event as your +1, dinner, theatre, cinema, spa, coffee meet, walk etc my rate is £50 per hour or part hour in the local area.

If you wish me to travel further afield, please email me with details and I will be happy to provide you with details of my fee. Please note that this is a social meet only and there will not be a GFE or sexual element. If you require anything more than charming and intelligent conversation with a splattering of flirting and inuendo and companionship, then my normal rates apply.

Here are some ideas of social events I will be happy to accompany you to:

- Professional work orientated events

- Social events such as family gatherings

- Trips to the theatre [hint: I've heard Six is fabulous]

- Accompanying you to a spa

Please email with details if you wish to discuss further as there are a few events that I may offer discounted rates for such as:

- Accompanying you to The Ritz for afternoon tea, even better if you have a suite!

- A stay in a Solent Fort hotel

- Certain theatre shows in London

- Chelsea Flower Show

- Certain cruises with excellent spa facilities

Please be aware that intimate time is always charged at my advertised rate.

No texts/Whatsapps unless I know you. I do not answer withheld/landline numbers. Please refrain from contacting me during anti-social hours unless you wish to be blocked.

Gents please remember, it's all in the approach. I find gents who show me the courtesy of reading my profile and understanding what is and isn't on offer much sexier than those that have no concept of consent so don't bother reading profiles. A little pointer to help you - I fall into the category of sapiosexual which means I am sexually attracted to intelligence.

I exclusively enjoy reliable, intelligent and respectful gentlemen aged 35 and who can communicate without using the words “Hey”, “Hiya”, “Babe”, “Mate”, “Hun” and random letters instead of words. Due to the number of gents who don’t value ladies time if I don’t already know you and you do not have recent and only positive AW feedback a deposit will be required to secure your time with me. Sorry no exceptions. Please see below for deposit t&cs.

Gents please be aware that I dip into my Emporium of Pleasure on a part time basis, when I can, breaking off from my other work to enjoy you. This means that I am only likely to be able to see the more organised and reliable gent who can give me notice. Occassionally, I may be able to arrange on the day appointments but will need several hours' notice. 24 hours' notice or longer would give you a better chance of enjoying my delights. Please don't call me expecting to arrange a meet "now", those that do clearly don't understand the type of liaison I provide or the vast amount of preparation that goes into our time together.

To help you plan, below is a rough guide to my availability, I can't be more precise as I rely on you being reliable which sadly isn't always the case as - it's always worth checking if I have received any cancellations:

Saturday, 28th January ~ fully booked

Sunday, 29th January - Monday, 30th January ~ not available

Tuesday, 31st January ~ fully booked

Wednesday, 1st February ~ avaiilability between noon and 9pm, I wind down about 6pm unless you've already booked in for later

All back to normal availability now:

Thursday, 2nd February ~ availabilty between 10am and 9pm

Friday, 3rd February ~ availability between 10am and 6pm

Saturday, 4th February ~ availability afternoon/early evening

Sunday, 5th February ~ fully booked

Monday, 6th February ~ afternoon if booked a few days in advance

Tuesday, 7th February ~ availability

Wednesday, 8th February ~ availability between noon and 9pm.

I won't be available between Sunday, 12th February and Tuesday, 14th February 2023.

Please don't be that unpleasant boundary pusher making me feel extremely uncomfortable by asking for services I am either not advertising or state aren't available. Don't be under the misapprehension that this is merely being "cheeky", where intimate enjoyment is involved, it is downright nasty boundary pushing and you will be noted as an unsavoury!


For gentlemen who preferred to be pampered without the need to travel to me I’m happy to visit you at your hotel or home provided it is clean, pet and smoke free and no-one else is present. Please be realistic in your expectations of what I will wear on arrival and/or which equipment I will bring with me.

I’m a busy lady so I will need at least 48 hours’ notice to be able to arrange our rendezvous. A 50% deposit to secure our meeting is always required, deposit terms and conditions are on this profile.

I am happy to travel 30 minutes from Winchester and the days I'm in Basingstoke the days from there too. For further afield the duration of the booking will determine how far I am able to travel and the fee chargeable. By way of reference our time together needs to be more than my round trip. If you genuinely wish to arrange a date please drop me a polite email with details which include the date, time, duration you wish to meet for along with your postcode and which of my delights you would like to sample.

Booking additional hours:

If you wish to enjoy a longer time together these are possible as follows:

- I find organised men much sexier so my preferred method is for you to book the duration of our meet at the time of arranging, my fee for longer durations is noted at the base of this profile. The fee over and above any deposit requirement (paid via bank transfer and very occasionally via Amazon gift voucher) is payable in cash on arrival

- I prefer not to do this, you book for a longer time when you arrive, my fee for this is £200 per hour or part hour payable in cash on arrival

- I really don't like doing this, extending your time part way through, my fee is £300 per hour or part hour payable in cash. Unfortunately, it means our time stops while we sort out the payment and then restarts so it does ruin the flow.

It is not possible to wait until the end of our time together to make payment. I'm not that trusting, I have previously been hoodwinked by the unscrupulous who I thought I knew well enough trust to pay up at the end.


Terms and conditions:

The more refined gentleman understands the need for a deposit and would never dream of asking to be the exception to the rule. It not only gives me assurance that you are genuine, it helps focus your mind but following a very unpleasant experience recently it also gives me more assurance of a certain level of behaviour while you are with me.

If I have not seen you before or you don't have recent and only positive AW feedback from respected ladies, I will require I require a 50% deposit by bank transfer to a discreetly named business account, very occassionally I may accept electronic gift codes which you can purchase from many shops. Very occasionally I may accept the deposit by an Amazon gift voucher. Gents, no exceptions, if this arrangements isn't for you there is no need for you to contact me.

For the many gentleman who prefers to pay the full fee, in advance, by bank transfer I am happy for you to do so but if you already have my account details please do check that I am available before making payment.

If you cancel, the deposit is non-refundable. For the less savoury boundary pusher, I need to point out the deposit relates to the booking we agreed prior to you paying the deposit. If you decide to change the basis of your requirements especially, this includes attempt to add services that I do not offer, you are deemed to have cancelled our agreed booking and the deposit will not be refunded.

I do offer a concession to the lovely gentlemen who respect my time and do not make unnecessary contact who need to cancel provided you you are able to rebook a mutually convenient time at the point they cancel provided they give me more than 24 hours notice. In that instance only, I will carry the deposit forward but only once.

Please be respectful and respect the fact that the deposit does not entitle you to constantly contact me for free titilation.

If I have to cancel I will refund your deposit in a timely manner, which is usually immediatelyupon receipt of your bank details.


  • Oral
  • Toys
  • Uniforms
  • Fetish
  • Sub games
  • Massage
  • BDSM (giving)
  • Spanking (giving)
  • Domination (giving)
  • Humiliation (giving)
  • French Kissing (discretion)
  • Receiving Oral
  • Strap On
  • Prostate Massage
  • Striptease
  • Foot Worship
  • Face Sitting
  • Role Play & Fantasy
  • Tie & Tease
  • Penetration (Protected)
  • Cross Dressing
  • Travel Companion
  • Dinner Dates
  • Disabled Clients
  • Enema
  • Hand Relief

I meet with

  • Male

Incall rates

Duration Cost
½ Hour £90
1 Hour £160
2 Hours £300
3 Hours £400
Overnight £1000
15 mins £60
1½ Hours £250
¾ Hour £120

Outcall rates

Duration Cost
1 Hour £210
2 Hours £350
3 Hours £450
Overnight £1500
1½ Hours £300


Q : Discretion!

A : Gentlemen, discretion is assured and expected. If you don't understand you are also required to be discreet please do not contact me. A few pointers: repeating my arrival directions while on the phone for all my neighbours to hear is not discreet. Shouting "Bye Adele" as you head out is not discreet and neither is giving my details to your wife! I hope that's cleared that up for you.

Q : How do I make a booking?

A : Gents I know it's pretty rubbish of me but I've not mastered the skill of crystal ball gazing so you will need to ensure you provide me with the following: - Your name - Confirmation that you are in the age group I meet - The date you wish to meet - The time you wish to meet - The length of time you wish to book (please ensure you book adequate time to ensure you obtain the experience that will leave you contented and sated) - The short sentence detailing the name of the experience you wish to enjoy with me. I will ask you further relevant details once we have ensured the logistics are possible.

Q : How long?

A : Gents please be realistic about the length of time you would like to spend with me. If you need an hour of stimulation to get to the point of enjoyable satisfiction there is no point in booking half and hour and trying to guilt a lady into giving you free time. You are only setting yourself up for a disappointing and very uncomfortable experience for both of us. You will either be shown the door after half an hour unsated and unhappy or as happens in some cases you manage to intimidate the lady into providing you with the extra time and services only because she is worried about her safety. There is a name for what that but it is a banned term on this site! Similarly, if you enjoy an hour's chat as an aperitif to the main event of an hour's play you need to be respectful of a lady's time and book the appropriate 2 hours otherwise you will find yourself leaving frustrated and disgruntled.

Q : Feeling ill but still want to book?

A : NO! No matter how generous you are feeling I don't want you to share your illness with me. Please wait until you are 100% to fully enjoy your time with me.

Q : I've seen it in porn so stands to reason all ladies love it! I want to finger and/or fist you, tweek your nipples or frantically rub your clit or rim/give anal stimulation?

A : Quite frankly NO!!!! Only do so if you wish to be told to leave immediately without a refund. These activities are not on my likes list as I find them a MASSIVE TURN OFF. I don't enjoy fingers or teeth on my sensitive areas, a skilled gentle tongue however is another matter.

Q : Why are you so obsessed about hygiene?

A : Lots of people's personal and oral hygiene has slipped to totally unacceptable levels. If you have gunk on your teeth/tongue, smell of your last meal or have an unpleasant body odour anywhere, please don't expect any modicum of service, I will be in the bathroom vomiting! If you don't respect yourself or the ladies you visit enough to shower properly on arrival you really aren't welcome here. [Hint] Personal grooming is also appreciated ;) Gents to get the most of our time together you need to ensure you are spotlessly clean EVERYWHERE! I won't be going anywhere near smelly breath, hair/beards, armpits, belly buttons; cocks and balls stinking of urine or stale spunk or indeed aromatic arses and cheesy feet or unkempt feet etc etc Seriously guys going into the bathroom and pretending to shower, no truly it happens, is beyond stupid, the unpleasant fumes emanating from you give your ploy away! Perhaps you need to remember females have a more acute sense of smell than males. While I'm on the subject a shake of your penis after urinating is NOT enough. Soap and water to thoroughly wash your penis, balls and yes hands too! Seriously, if you think having had a shower when you got up, last night or sometime within the last couple of weeks is adequate you seriously need to up the anti!

Q : Do you offer discounts?

A : No. I'm the treat that's worth saving up for.

Q : Can I see you privately?

A : To be really blunt why would I do that? Clearly you are after free time but what's in it for me? I offer an amazing range of paid for experiences please keep your requests to those. Please only request free time if you wish to be blocked immediately. Is it really worth losing the opportunity of future adventures, which you clearly enjoy to be silly enough to let such a notion into your head, by being a skinflint by insulting me asking for freebies?

Q : I want free sexual titilation when I pretend to book you and/or see you but not pay the booking/dinner date fee...

A : Gents you get the time you get the time you paid for, no more and no less. Remember the old, but correct, adage of "familiarity breeds contempt" so let's keep it professional, fun and exciting. Just in case you don't understand the above ~ Do you go to a restaurant and request free meals because you liked their food and service so much the last time? No? So why try that on with me? I'm extremely good at my job and greatly enjoy entertaining respectful gents. Just as you do, I expect to be paid for my skill set when I work. It never fails to astound me the lengths some will go to attempting to blag free bookings so they can use their dosh to fit in another paid for booking with another lady! Respectful gents who understand the boundaries are always welcome.

Q : Chemical substances?

A : Noooooooo!!! Our bodies will produce their own enormous natural high by creating neurohormones oxytocin and vasopressin coupled with the surge of endorphines and adrenaline why would we want to interfere with that!

Q : Can I take photos?

A : No - if you would like to see photos of me please look at my private gallery. Please note it is not acceptable to download any of my photos.


Q : What is your Primary Language?

A : English

Q : What three words best describe your personality?

A : Sensual, confident, imaginative

Q : What are your favourite flowers?

A : I simply adore all flowers

Q : What is your favourite gift?

A : Flowers, perfume, scented candles

Q : What is your favourite holiday destination?

A : No idea as so many more to try ;)

Q : What is your ethnicity?

A : Caucasian (White)

Q : What is the colour of your eyes?

A : Blue

Q : What is the colour of your hair?

A : Blonde

Q : What length is your hair?

A : Medium

Q : How tall are you?

A : 5'8"

Q : What is your dress size?

A : 12

Q : What size is your chest?

A : 34"

Q : What is your bra cup-size?

A : C

Q : Are your breasts natural or enhanced?

A : Natural

Q : How is your pubic hair fashioned?

A : Shaved Completely

Q : Do you smoke?

A : No

Q : Do you have any tattoos or piercings?

A : NA

Q : If you have tattoos or piercings, how discreet are they

A : NA

Q : What times are you always available?

A : Please see profile

Q : Will you do overnight bookings?

A : Yes

Q : How long are you prepared to travel for?

A : NA

Q : What sort of men turn you on?

A : Intelligent gents with impeccable personal hygiene who are respectful but not smary, confident but not arrogant, open minded but not boundary pushers.

Q : What is the most memorable sexual experience you’ve ever had?

A : Where do I start...

Q : What is the most outrageous thing that you’ve done sexually (be honest!)

A : Not sure that I'd say it's outrageous but maybe outdoor play over a car bonnet or even playing at a swingers club.

Q : Where would you most like to have sex?

A : Outdoors in the rain on a warm day

Q : What is your favourite sexual position?

A : Dynamics of each connection differ let's explore!

Q : The most sensitive part of my anatomy is?

A : I'm super sensitive all over especially my back.

Q : What sexual activity do you enjoy the most?

A : Our connection will determine what we enjoy ;)

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